Letters to the Editor, Nov. 3

Marco Eagle


I recently had the opportunity to review a one minute and 30 second clip from the Oct. 18 special meeting of the Marco Island City Council. The council members were to review the finalist resumes for a city manager.

Two members councilmen Brown and Bette did not participate. One stating he did not have time to review the resume the other, although not clear on the tape, abstained. Although I'm sure their qualified, it's disappointing for any political office holder not to take a stance and let their voice be heard or to vote no (if they did) on something they haven't reviewed. Hopefully they both will participate in the Nov. 2 selection of a city manager for Marco Island.

Joseph Shady, Marco Island                        

Thankful for great neighbors

As we snowbirds arrive in Southwest Florida, we can look around at some of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. We have much to be thankful for, especially great neighbors who checked on our places, cleaned out refrigerators, cleared driveways, sent pictures to reassure us.

Editorial cartoon

Each day we hear more stories of what it was like to live through it and then face days and weeks without power in the heat. We appreciate the quick response of first responders who canvassed neighborhoods shortly after the storm and those who were forced to work many overtime hours at hospitals, nursing homes, and police and fire departments because they couldn’t get home or be replaced.

We are very lucky to have such wonderful neighbors who took over, got the job done, and I never heard any whining. Thank you!

Peggy Egelus, Naples

No free ride for nonresidents

The possible discontinuation of beach passes for nonresidents is a bad idea.

Your article indicates that the seasonal nonresidents who do not pay property taxes somehow are getting a free ride at the Collier County beaches: Wrong. We buy a prepaid nonresident sticker for $50 even if we don’t go to the beach. As seasonal visitors, we pay an 11 percent tax on the rental units, sales and Collier County taxes combined.

My cost for that tax is approximately $1,800 for the three months I am here. So a free ride? I don’t think so. In closing, I love Naples.

Larry Giangregorio, Peabody, Mass.

Natural system best

Collier County government is considering increasing property taxes to pay for the more frequent maintenance needed to keep the county stormwater control system flowing.

This seems logical since the urban development replaces the swamp. The sustainable solution and best use of taxes may be an earth-friendly alternative to restore the system of shallow basins and flow ways that formerly flowed across the natural landscape.

Urban development disrupted the natural flow and directed stormwater into a system of pipes to carry it away.

Current thoughts of taxation must be considered together with the sustainable solution of restoring the natural system of basins and flow ways. This solution moves water and creates greenways through our community.

David Driapsa, Naples Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects

Spurn past draft dodgers

I was 19 when I signed up for military service during the Vietnam War. I knew that there was a possibility that I would go to Vietnam. My belief was I wanted to serve my country. It did not matter where I was sent.

Living in Michigan, I watched hundreds of draft dodgers run to Canada to avoid the draft. Then after the war, they came back to the U.S. Those are the cowards we should be angry at.

George Shaieb, Naples