Letters to the Editor, Dec. 1

Marco Eagle

Too hurried to care about flag

Driving back from Naples after warranty drop offs, between the Dodge Ram dealership and Lowe's on Airport-Pulling Road, was an American flag in the middle of the road with cars running over it.

I had to do two U-turns and park in a turning lane with my flashers on and walk back 50 feet and remove it and no one tried to slow up so I could get it. I did manage to remove it, although there was even a sheriff's car that went over it. He had lights; he could have turned on to slow the traffic to get it, but he kept driving.

It seems like people are in too big of a hurry to care about the flag. Just during the time I was there, at least 50 vehicles drove over it without slowing. I'm retired military and I think it's a shame people are like that.

A lot of veterans died and were wounded while serving under that flag. I took a little time, but I did what had to be done. I just had to say something, thanks.

Brett Reynolds, Marco Island

This is the editorial cartoon for the Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 Marco Eagle.

Volunteer, donate for Christmas event

“Christmas in Immokalee” is an annual event, sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Northside Naples. You will never, ever forget this experience. Witness children lining up at dawn to see Santa, though Mr. and Mrs. Claus will not arrive until 10 a.m. at Immokalee Airport Park.

More than 3,000 Immokalee children and adults are again expected. The need is greater this year, because Hurricane Irma affected homes and livelihoods of these families. They had very little; now almost nothing. Any time you can spare between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Christmas day is appreciated.

Kiwanis Club members will drive truckloads of food and presents to Immokalee in the wee hours to begin setting up. Help is needed to work the candy, crafts, face painting/nail polish tables, distribute gifts and diapers, and lift kids onto ponies.

Many hands are needed to work in assembly lines and food/drink distribution areas of the kitchen. More are needed to fill grocery bags with donated baked goods and produce.

Are you able to make a donation toward the purchase of these gifts? Donations are needed to ensure that every child has a gift to take home. In many cases, especially this year, it may be the only Christmas gift received. We can’t disappoint a single child.

Please send a donation to Kiwanis Club of Northside Naples, P.O. Box 770060, Naples, FL 34107. To volunteer or for more information on Kiwanis or directions to the event, please call Marianne at 239-293-3260.

Marianne St Johns, Naples

Read repair contract carefully

I received a $30,000 settlement offer for a new roof on my home and I then questioned the company representative as to why the amount was so low in comparison to what other homeowners were getting.

The representative informed me that my settlement was basically dedicated all for the roof and only a few hundred dollars for what little damage there was to the other parts of my home. The representative also said that the "settlement breakdown" will clearly show exactly what they paid for the new roof installation based on the number of squares of field tiles, the number of ridge caps, the tile removal and the haul away.

Many roofers are basing their quotes, or their contracts, on the amount of the check people receive, which is often $45,000 to $60,000. But what you don't realize — because some of you don't bother reading the settlement breakdown — is that amount of the check includes all damages to the building except for pool cages.

And, therefore, you may be paying the roofer the amount of money that is intended to go for damages to other parts of your home, which can amount upwards of $20,000.

So before you commit to a contract or a price, wait until you receive your settlement and then add up all the the money that your settlement breakdown shows for the roof only, and don't pay any roofer one dollar more than that amount.

Greg Chumbley, Naples

Example worth following

I would like to share a wonderful example of a random act of kindness. It would give me much pleasure if you could print this somewhere in your paper.

Four of my friends treated me to a birthday celebration at Three Market 60 in Naples. We had a delicious lunch right on the water with excellent service and a fun atmosphere. My friends also bought a piece of decadent chocolate cake for us to share and sang the customary “Happy Birthday,” which is always sure to embarrass the birthday girl.

After they paid the bill, the waitress came over and asked us, “Who is the birthday girl?” I replied, “It’s me.” She then handed me what I thought was a $10 bill and said that another patron had asked her to give the money to the birthday girl, but to wait until he left to give it to me.

To my amazement, it was a $100 bill. What a lovely and unexpected surprise. We, along with the other patrons on the outside porch, were just as amazed and filled with excitement.

So, to the gracious and generous stranger who made my day and those around me, thank you for a lovely surprise. But, more importantly, thank you for your random act of kindness and the faith you put in all of us that there is so much good in this world and to always share our generosity with others. Thank you and I have already paid it forward and will continue to follow your example.

Jane Dernier, Northfield, Ill.