Letters to the Editor, Dec. 15

Marco Eagle

Did the right thing, others didn’t

I’m writing to respond to the recent wonderful, but upsetting, letter by Brett Reynolds of Marco Island. He related how our American flag was treated so sadly and disrespectfully as people ran over it on Airport-Pulling Road.

Hearty congratulations to Reynolds on his rescue of the flag. And an especially big “shame on you” to the sheriff ’s office’s car driver who did nothing to help.

Leave it to a retired military man to do the right thing.

Sharon Irwin, Marco Island

Editorial cartoon


Social Security increase switcheroo

I received the annual notice from Social Security today touting an increase of 2 percent "because of a rise in the cost of living." In my case that equals $22.

Then just down from the line that reads "How much will I get and when," they simply state, "We deducted $130 for Medicare," which causes a net benefit the same as in 2017. The increase in Medicare mystically equals the "raise" of $22.

Using my grandchildren's new math by first drawing some boxes on a small piece of paper, I computed that the increase for Medicare from $108 to $130 equals 17 percent. Is Medicare or any health plan not considered "a cost of living?” There must be a line in the Social Security law that requires any raise given for inflation must be recouped by Medicare as this scenario has been repeated many times.

It might be a good idea for the Naples Daily News to give your employees a raise and offset it with a like dollar raise in their employee subscriptions for the paper. If you did this, I think your employee parking lot would be mostly empty on the next working day.

Jim Vickaryous Naples

Give to those still in need

For the snowbirds who are just arriving in Naples, I say welcome back to this beautiful place. 

The funny thing is, it wasn't very beautiful not too long ago. I'm sure that thanks to the tremendous efforts of cleanup crews, first responders, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Collier County employees, volunteers, etc., some people may be arriving saying, “What hurricane?"

I was able to come down in early October for a weekend and see for myself some of the mess that Hurricane Irma left. At that point, lots had already been cleaned up. Coming back just a few weeks ago for the season, it's amazing how great this place looks.

Naples only looks a bit bruised as I drive around town, but I would remind people that there are still some very severe cuts and open wounds in our neighborhoods. Many are homeless, with properties and necessities destroyed and no insurance to help ease the pain.

For the most part, we dodged a big bullet, but please don't forget to try to donate food, clothing, furniture, etc., to our neighbors who still desperately need a hand. Reach out to organizations that are helping, like churches, businesses and local nonprofits. I am also asking the Naples Daily News to consider publishing places and organizations on a regular basis that are accepting donations. 

I know some lament the return of us snowbirds, but there are thousands of us arriving who love this community and want to see it, and all its residents, continue to thrive. 'Tis the season.

Janet Demetri, Cape Cod, Mass., and Naples

Save a life, adopt a pet

Ever wonder how you could save a life this Christmas? It just might be a lot easier than you can imagine.

You don't have much money, so you ponder, what can I give my children or loved one that they would cherish for years to come? Well, my Naples and Marco Island friends, Santa has an answer for you this Christmas. Give a gift of total love and devotion from one who wishes nothing more in life than to be loved in return. They are here in Naples my friends, they sit in their cages at the shelter waiting, waiting for something to happen.

What will it be this Christmas? A new home or, please God, not the life-ending injection.

Please, good people, go to the animal shelters and save a life. You will never, ever regret it. As the saying goes, "Only God made a dog." And kindly, let's not forget that the shelters also can provide you with the gift of a cuddly feline, who will delight all in their new home for years to come.

Make the shelter visit, make this a lifesaving Christmas.

Irvin Buxell, Naples