Letters to the Editor, Jan. 19

Marco Eagle

Hoping Trump succeeds

Just when you have heard enough from the progressive left, they come up with a new personal attack on the mental fitness of Donald Trump to be our president. We are now entering the era of “psychiatricfication” of political discourse.

This is a dangerous place for our society to be. The attempt to make accusations of mental illness on someone with a different political worldview is something the Russians, Chinese and dictatorships have condoned. If you can’t defeat the opposition, destroy them personally.

The relevance of Trump is his ability to subtract power and resources from Washington. The result is less centralized control of government and more freedom and choice for the American people at the state and local level.

As Friedrich Hayek, author of “The Road to Serfdom,” has shown us, the advancing power of government makes a dictatorship possible. Trump is working to restore our system of checks and balances. I for one hope he succeeds.

Carol Montpetit, Marco Island

Editorial cartoon


Every life matters

Nicole Fanarjian and Sarah Lipton-Lubet in their Jan. 3 guest commentary act as if there are no consequences to a woman

killing her unborn child because it’s merely a safe medical procedure.

A good friend of mine went to a Planned Parenthood clinic; she thought she was pregnant and in fact was. The staff convinced her to abort her child. My friend went into a deep depression afterward and killed herself. She could not live with what she had done.

Millions of women have abortions without sufficient counseling as to what they are doing and it destroys some of them and others live out the remainder of their lives with the pain of killing their child.

As to the funding of crisis pregnancy centers, women need to understand what abortion is, the pain and suffering the unborn child goes through during an abortion and the possible mental anguish the mother might face after the fact. A society that takes killing so lightly is a society that is self-destructing.

First it’s the unborn, then it’s the less than perfect, the disabled and the elderly and eventually it’s anyone who is no longer capable of whatever task they are assigned. People become no more than disposable parts in a dysfunctional machine.

Every life matters.

Michaelon Wright, Marco Island

I needed to let my feelings known 

Marco Island is considered one of the richest and nicest areas to live in the United States and certainly Florida. Then I turn on the news and learn that men and women are taking a book to the rifle range to shoot up because they don’t like what it said. One man even said, I didn’t read it, because it was all lies.”

How did he know it was lies if he did not read it? Have we gotten so tainted in America that we can’t think for ourselves any longer?

We turn on the news, believe anything they say and take it as gospel. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat or an independent, if you don’t research what you are talking about, how do you know if it is true?

Have we become so complacent that we believe everthing we are told? And I find it ludicrous that intelligent [people] would shoot up a book, no matter what they thought of it. What is happening to our First Amendment?
Thank you for listening to me.. I think we as a country need to take a better look at each other and try to come together instead of fighting with each other all the time.

Pamela Tod