Letters to the editor, Feb. 2

Marco Eagle

Apology to Rooney in order

Now we learn that FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page may have conspired to form a “secret society” that apparently met the day after President Donald Trump’s election, the purpose of which was to plot against the president-elect. We also have found out that over five months of emails between those two lovers has conveniently disappeared, covering precisely the time during which Strzok was investigating the president for collusion with the Russians.

This is the editorial cartoon for the Friday, Feb. 2, 2018 Marco Eagle.

Additionally, we have learned that former FBI Director James Comey apparently did not tell the truth in his congressional testimony when he stated no one knew of his decision to not charge Hillary Clinton in the email scandal.

It would appear that U.S. Rep. Francis Rooney was right on the money in calling for a purge of the FBI. I look for all those letters of apology from the folks who expressed outrage on these pages to Rooney’s comments.

Erik Brechnitz, Marco Island

Lock up employers

Does an employer suffer no penalty for hiring an undocumented immigrant? From your recent article, it seems this is not being addressed.

If hiring undocumented workers is illegal and the employer has the ability to identify documentation through E-Verify but doesn't, what consequences does the employer suffer? Isn't the employer breaking the law? Employers reap the benefits of abusing low-wage/dangerous-work laborers and suffer no consequences.

Now the Florida legislators are planning new laws to protect immigrant workers who get injured. Is this hypocritical? Why do we need a new law when the remedy is plainly obvious. Check documentation. If immigrants can't get jobs, they wouldn't be here. And if employers are breaking the law, as President Donald Trump would say, “Lock them up.”

Trump wants to build an $18 billion wall to keep undocumented workers out when employers already have that ability. Of course, would employers be able to find U.S. citizens willing to work for the same wages and under the same conditions?

Ro Jones, Isles of Capri

Canadian friend correct

Kudos to our Canadian friend, Carol Joseph, from Burlington, Ontario, and Naples. I am completely in unison with her and her opinion regarding our president and our country.

Despite the fact that he is continually maligned and insulted, President Donald Trump has proven to be both strong and resilient. He is getting virtually no assistance and, in fact, is obstructed at every turn.

It is totally amazing to me that the Democrats are willing to shut down our government for the sake of undocumented immigrants who have been given the name “Dreamers.”  What about the millions of citizens and our military who are being harmed by these actions? Where are the priorities of our elected officials who are supposed to be doing what their constituents wish and not just trying to appease illegal immigrants in the hopes that they get more votes?

Wake up, my fellow Americans, this is your country and you need to support the Constitution, the flag and our president.

Jinni Fitzgerald, Marco Island and Baltimore, Md.

When sick, stay home

It blows my mind, with all the warnings issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding our current national flu epidemic, that someone with a serious cough and/or cold would be so uncaring as to attend a public event. Yet, this happened recently at a production of the TheatreZone.

I sat directly in front of a woman who literally coughed for two hours straight. She could not have enjoyed the show, I certainly did not and those around us must not have either. I should have left as soon as it became apparent that she would not leave, but, like a fool, I did not. Now I am at home in bed with a cold or maybe worse.

This woman was thoughtless and lacked total sensitivity for those people around her. No telling how many other theatergoers she infected. People who are sick should not attend public events. We all must be considerate of others.

Laurence Lays, Naples

Beware sales tax increase

I am writing to point out a serious problem with the proposed Collier County sales tax increase and how the net result would in some instances be to add a tax burden to residents with the benefits flowing to developers instead of the public.

For years, a developer has sought to squeeze some townhomes into a small strip of land under and next to high voltage lines off of Whippoorwill Lane. The developer cannot do so unless Whippoorwill Lane is extended to intersect with Livingston Road. There is inadequate room for the road. It would ruin at least five neighborhoods and would destroy a small wildlife area and purported preserve.

The cost is several millions of dollars and it would be of no benefit to the public or traffic patterns whatsoever.

Despite opposition by the surrounding neighborhoods, and the defeat of the proposal several times, it keeps coming back and now reappears hidden in the fine print of the sales tax increase.

Beware of providing more money to government to spend in nefarious ways.

Gary Irwin, Naples