Letters to the Editor, Feb. 23

Marco Eagle

Promises kept

Dear Marco Island Citizens and Taxpayers: “Promises made, Promises kept”. That is the rule I have been working under since I was elected to your City Council in 2014.

I tried to make sure that promises I made were kept; mainly that …

  • The city spend your money on essential “need to haves” and not “nice to haves.”
  • There is follow-up by the city to all of your concerns
  • Our Island’s growth remained under control and that we would not let increases in density destroy our quality of life.
  • Our beautiful “green space” Veterans’ Community Park would, forever, remain a park and that there would not be future development of hotels or other ventures on that “sacred” property.
  • I would work closely with the other members of City Council and the city manager to control costs, ensure fiscal responsibility, maintain essential infrastructure and control taxes and debt.
  • We would not allow parking for commercial purposes to infringe on residential properties.

In 2016 you elected a great new City Council and, together, we were instrumental in making all of the above “promises made,” promises “kept.”

I hope I have proven myself to be a good team member, a person of principles and an effective member of our City Council. For that reason, I plan on running and have filed for re-election to City Council this coming November and hope I am deserving of your continued support.

Victor Rios, Marco Island

City manager insanity

Dear community of Marco Island. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results. The city manager position on Marco has been a constant source of pain and a debacle for years. As I have previously stated in letters to you and have been yet again proved correct by the current state of affairs with your latest choice in the city manager. The city charter of Marco needs a change.   

Ed toon

As each community changes in various ways over time, its charter has to change with it. Marco Island needs a strong elected mayor. This mayor needs to be elected by the people of Marco Island to lead the community to the future in a productive and fulfilling manner.  

I don't know if the current situation is a "sign" or a blessing but the constant infighting and conflicts of interest in City Council will only stop when a strong mayor takes charge of the city with a mandate from the people. Marco is in desperate need of a strong leader. Marco Island cannot simply get by on being a beautiful place with great weather, it needs to be a well-run community. Take this as your chance to do something right, that will make a difference, and make Marco Island Great Again.

Adam Urban, Marco Island business owner and former resident

Be better Earth custodians

Yes, the climate is changing. Yes, humans are mostly responsible. So are ants,

fungus, animals, the sun, oceans, etc. The real culprit is too many people (7.5 billion) on Earth and perhaps there is no solving this problem. Excuse me; Mother Nature will.

There is a problem with how we discuss it, however. The environmentalists think we can actually do something meaningful about it. At a recent meeting of climatologists (reported in Scientific American a couple of months ago), a leading scientist noted that if we went to zero pollution now it would take 700 years for the Earth to recover. Think about it.

The other side rants and raves that humans aren’t the problem. They are partially correct in that the sun’s cycles have a lot more to do with our climate. This has been going on and is directly coordinated with past cold and warming cycles in our history.

Let’s keep the far left and right sides out of it and come together to make a concentrated effort to do better as custodians of Mother Earth.

Larkin Barnett, Marco Island