Letters to the Editor, April 3

Marco Eagle

Return to sanity

It is truly fascinating that our founding fathers of this great republic had so much wisdom, foresight, dignity and proper decorum. Unlike today’s untrustworthy politicians and pseudo-sophisticated plutocrats, they were loyal and dedicated to the people and the country.

Editorial cartoon

One of the most astute thinkers of our founders, John Adams, America’s second president warned, “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other!”

Unfortunately, this is how the business of politics is controlling the people today.

Our government used to be admired and respected. Today it is a multi-trillion dollar, money laundering criminal enterprise that has significant economic benefits for those who participate in the con game. The two-party con game does not have any competition and they are fully entrenched with corporate America and other cabals. The special interests and donors, lobbyists, pollsters, super PACS, liberal media and all the other fake organizations are the industry players who support one party or the other. Talk about collusion!

This corrupt, political two-party system is America’s greatest threat to our existence. Americans have been duped by the swamp parasites in D.C for too long. It’s time the lifelong denizens in the swamp are dispatched by loyal Americans and may God bless America, still the best place on the planet!

Sal Soldano, Marco Island

Correction with apology

I recently wrote a letter critical of the City Council’s approval of  the language to appear on next August’s ballot asking you whether or not Marco should add is own ambulance service to that already being provided by Collier County. My concern focused on the fact that a motion, approval and adoption took place even before any of other four or five language proposals prepared by various councilors were ever presented for discussion or for public awareness. Such “quickie” actions and omissions unfortunately sometimes have the scent of discourtesy and worse attached.

At any rate, because Councilor Larry Honig had made the successful motion to approve, I credited him as being the author of the ballot language. He has since informed me that the actual author of the approved language was City Attorney Gabriel. I’ve certainly no reason to doubt Councilor Honig’s information, and so I apologize for the identification error. Sorry, Larry.

Russ Colombo, Marco Island

Time is critical

I would like to address the issue of response times for our ambulance service.

Collier County officials state that they meet the standard of an eight-minute response time 94 percent of the time on Marco Island. This is second-best in the county and much better than in most areas of the county.

However, the 94 percent response time does not address several issues, including:

  • The county deputizes our Marco fire department and the excellent times that are achieved are because first responders from the Marco Island Fire-Rescue Department are able to reach the scene in four to eight minutes. The Marco fire department’s lower response times are rolled into the countywide statistics, which make the county statistics look good.
  • The 94 percent response time does not take into account the amount of time our first responders must wait for a county ambulance because only a county ambulance has the authority to transport a patient to the hospital.
  • There are frequent response delays during the winter/spring season. There have been as many as five calls within a brief few minutes.
  • Finally, the county refuses to release “delay in transport” information when requested.

Our citizens deserve better. When our first responders arrive at a scene in four to eight minutes and it is determined that the patient needs to be transported, it should be done immediately, without delay.

When an emergency happens, time is critical.

Bill Rogers, Marco Island