Letters to the Editor, April 17

Marco Eagle

Is your Life worth more than a weekly cup of coffee?

Marco Island citizens are concerned about how much it will cost them to control their own ambulance service. At present time, Marco Island’s Fire Rescue Department costs citizens about 0.65 mils in property tax. This is about one-third of what the rest of the county pays on average. Ochopee pays 4.5 mils and Immokalee pays 3.75 mils. 

There are only three cities in Collier County, Naples, Marco Island and Everglades City. Only Naples and Marco Island have their own fire rescue departments and both are about the same geographical size (6 by 4 miles) and both have a full-time population of about 15,000.  The rest of Collier County is serviced by various “fire districts”, and they pay an average of 1.82 mils property tax for fire rescue.

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In 2016, a straw vote was taken in unincorporated Collier County to see if the citizens would like to consolidate all fire districts into a single independent taxing district. Naples and Marco Island were not allowed to vote. The vote was 64 percent in favor. As a result, in 2020, there will be a ballot proposal approved by the Collier County Board of Commissioners to combine all fire districts into a single independent taxing district.

Presently Marco Island has one full-time ambulance which is the same that it has had since it became a City in 1996. Since that time, there has been a significant increase in population without an increase in full time ambulance service. 

If Marco Island citizens vote “yes” on the Aug. 28, primary election ballot to have their own COPCN, they will approve a plan for the city to have and control, three full-time ambulances and an upgrade in service capabilities. The anticipated cost would be approximately $60 per year on an assessed property value of $500,000. That is less than the cost of a weekly cup of Starbuck’s coffee. 

If the citizens vote “yes” for the COPCN, then the citizens will be able to continue to exercise their right to home rule, and to control the cost and the level of service they deserve. Otherwise, Marco Island ambulance service will be controlled by an independent taxing district which means the citizens of Marco Island will have no voice on how much they will be taxed, no voice on how many ambulances they will have on the island, and no voice on what level of service they will receive. 

Remember those numbers I mentioned earlier. The rest of the county will be looking to lower their cost.  Where do you think they will be looking to get the money? Marco Island is a very attractive tax base.  Believe me, we will be paying more with no voice and less service. Similar to taxation without representation, don’t your think?

Linda J. Turner, Marco Island

Put this idea to rest

Are you suffering from something called white privilege? Is your Christian faith causing you to be insensitive and intolerant to others not of your faith?

White privilege is just the latest made-up social construct, propagated by the left. White privilege exists only in the minds of social engineers who want to change our society.

What is standing in their way? For one, Christianity. It is a major system of beliefs that contradict the left’s agenda. Leftists think that by manipulating people’s feelings and emotions, they can remake society into their own image. Socialism is a religion, with a system of beliefs. White privilege is used as a means to this end. The left wants to create the world anew.

Christianity is a universal world religion. Its appeal reaches people of all cultures. Its emphasis is on the individual. Socialism’s focus is on the group, the collective. Humans are not willing to give up their beliefs and culture to be redefined by group identity, just as it was not enough for the Russian people, under communism, to be defined as workers.

The construct of white privilege will be challenged. Support for this idea needs to be put to rest.

Carol Montpetit, Marco Island

Every day is resurrection day

Another resurrection day has come and gone. Everyone goes on with their everyday lives and the concerns of the world. The Lord Jesus the Christ may be mentioned maybe once or twice in the Saturday edition of the Naples Daily News in the religious columns. I just wish everyone would realize the importance of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. I like what television Bible study leader Les Feldick says about the power of the resurrection: The reason that Paul has been led by the Holy Spirit to make so much of the resurrection is that when Christ arose from the dead, he exhibited more power than it took when he created the universe. And of course, the reason being that through his resurrection from the

dead, he defeated, totally defeated, all the powers of Satan. He totally settled the sin debt for every human being who has ever lived.

Remember, the sins of every human being have already been atoned for. When people go to an eternal hell, it won’t be God’s fault. They just didn’t capitalize on the atonement. They didn’t appropriate it. So that’s what’s going to make hell so awful. They’re suddenly going to realize that they are there because they chose to be, not because an unfair God sent them there. A fair God has already declared those sins paid for at the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. And so it took all the power that God had at his disposal to raise Christ from the dead. And that’s why it is the benchmark of our salvation experience.

The Gospel that saves is 1 Corinthian’s 15:1-4.

Every day is resurrection day.

Jim Anderson, Ave Maria