Letters to the Editor, June 1

Marco Eagle

Where’s the leadership?

There’s a lot of finger-pointing about Marco Island council dysfunction but not enough consideration about who’s making those accusations. The action taken by Batte, Brown, Reed and Roman placing a meaningless, politically motivated vote of "No Confidence" on Chairman Grifoni was nothing short of ridiculous and hypocritical.

Batte and Brown are sour grapes since their boys lost a landslide in 2016. Rather than trying to work with the new council, they have done absolutely nothing for the people of Marco Island other than complain.

Editorial cartoon

What is truly remarkable is how Reed and Roman have aligned themselves with such destructive individuals. Howard “Coattail” Reed puts all his effort into mind-numbing slideshows but has never taken leadership on any issue since being elected. Roman loves lecturing from the dais with her prepared-in-advance remarks but vanishes when it counts.

After the “no confidence” vote the Council asked for Grifoni’s leadership and expertise on the COPCN issue including answering questions from Roman and others. What hypocrites! If she has no confidence, why didn’t she stand up and take the lead? Same question on the community survey and search firm RFP she flip-flopped on. When the going gets tough on Council, Charlette Roman disappears. Grifoni went to the County Commission 12 hours after Roman, Reed, Batte, and Brown’s sideshow and admirably represented our City to advance the COPCN issue. That’s the mark of a true leader putting the community before politics. Jared Grifoni’s the leader Marco Island citizens want and voted for in record numbers. He’s always been willing to step out and stand up for us, even if it meant exposing himself to the slings and arrows of the good ol’ boy network.

Adam Urban, Marco Island

America should be on guard

Where is America headed? Answer: Into the future.

Unfortunately, we have apparently refused to learn from the past or studied our history. I must and willingly agree with President Donald Trump that we overpay for most government purchases, not just limited to planes, ships, rockets and toilet seats, but other government purchases across the board.

Most past administrations apparently did not use due diligence when negotiating government contracts. Many of our citizens are of the opinion that there are very generous lobbyists who fill the pockets of government and elected officials, which is or could be possibly true.

The fact that we may have a large stockpile of nuclear warheads might not be enough of a sufficient deterrent to prevent a surprise attack. If we look back to the morning of Dec. 7, 1941, when a surprise attack caught us off guard.

Today we live in very volatile times. We need to be on guard, alert and properly prepared at all times to perhaps avoid and possibly further deter any possible attack aimed at the USA.

Wayne A. Waldack, Marco Island

City Council rebuke

I have been a fulltime resident on Marco for more than three decades. I have seen people and organizations come and go; some good, some not so good. I have been involved with many groups and organization, both politically and socially.

Since becoming a city, I have seen many a cartoon like characters, use to bes and wannabes become city councilors and bureaucrats with their own personal hidden agendas. Some were comical, most were embarrassing. This latest group of double talking egotists are following the path of the last democrat administration of lies, deceit, intimidation, obfuscation and divide and conquer.

One of the major problems with our society is the lack of shame. No matter who or what we are; a politician and/or a pimp, a priest and/or a pedophile, an actor and/or an ass, a judge and/or a jerk, a councilor and/or a con artist and so on (I hope you get my drift!).

These people carry on and are usually celebrated by many for their lurid behavior and obscene language. No shame whatsoever in this fragmented, “anything goes” liberal, socialist society.

Mr. Chairman need to step down, if you have any shame and/or any integrity left. Your colleagues have voted “no confidence.” Our country has been divided enough by a demigod and demigoddess in Washington. We don’t any more shenanigans and corruption here. Your intelligence and public commitment has been surpassed by your arrogance and ego.

Sal Soldano, Marco Island