Letters to the Editor, June 15

Marco Eagle

COPCN should be able to stand on its own

Why are we being solicited for donations to support a political action committee? If there is a need, then COPCN should be able to stand on its own merits! Not a PAC trying to urge us, with our “donations.”

Editorial cartoon

There are still some unanswered questions, which the Fitch report and the city of Marco website does not address. Collier County Commissioners are still wading through some of these questions, (including political/ego factors?)
The referendum says in part “an initial rate of $100 per $500,000 of taxable property value?” Initial?
We want to be informed, before voting. OCOA/PAC are proponents, now we need to know “the rest of the story.”
Thank you for listening.

Virginia Bingle, Marco Island

Cast informed votes in School Board election

There are three differences between the Collier County School Board races on Aug. 28 and all the other races that day, differences that matter.

First, historically, most School Board races have been decided in the August primary. If one candidate receives 50 percent plus 1 vote, that candidate wins the election. Only when no candidate receives a majority of the votes does the race go past August. Then the two highest vote-getters compete in a runoff election in November.

Second, all voters can vote for one candidate from every district on the ballot, regardless of where they live. This year, candidates are running for seats in Districts 1, 3 and 5. Although candidates must live in the district for which seat they are running, all are elected to represent all of Collier County. That's why every voter gets to vote for three candidates, one per district. 

Third, School Board races are nonpartisan. Candidates' party affiliations are not relevant. What matters instead are the candidates' values about education, e.g., support for traditional public schools, use of tax dollars and the selection of instructional materials.

Learn about the candidates' education, experience and beliefs. What do they know about Collier County Public Schools? What do they think about using public funds to support religious and private schools? Do they demonstrate civility and the ability to work with others? Listen to what they are saying, but also find out what you can about their past.

Vote for the very best candidate in each district. If you will not be here, be sure to request that a vote-by-mail ballot be sent to your August address.

Marsha Murphy, Naples

American Legion still needs help

A few months ago, I submitted a letter regarding the flooding at the American Legion post on U.S. 41. I felt that it was a big loss to the community and someone in the community should come forward and financially help them get back on their feet so they can reopen and serve their community.

My friend forwarded the article to me that the post has finally received permits to repair the building, but still doesn't have the money for the repairs. I am still waiting to see the article that some generous person has come forward to help them out.

It would seem that if there is not some big gala where everyone gets their name in the paper for their big donation to help kids their donations stop there. Maybe it's time for the big donors in Naples to step forward and help our veterans.

Nancy K. Jean, Portage, Mich.

Simple solutions to saving kids

A very disturbing news report recently stated that two more kids died after being left unattended in a hot car. It’s true that responsible, loving parents can make this devastating mistake. Let’s stop this nonsense with a couple simple solutions.

If you buckle your youngster into the back-seat child seat, silence your cellphone and place it in the seat with your child, solving two problems: No texting while driving, looking at emails or getting on social media while driving, and you won’t forget your child in the back seat. Who among us can survive more than 20 minutes without our cellphones? 

There are many other choices: keys to the house; a purse; a wallet, etc., in the child seat. 

Kids finding their way into the backyard pool and drowning is another preventable tragedy. There are many types of inexpensive door alarms and window alarms that can emit an extremely loud audible sound letting us know that someone entered or exited a door or window. 

Let’s save our kids with these simple solutions.

Jack Hedenstrom, Naples