Letters to the Editor, June 29

Marco Eagle

What is COPCN?

Most voters and taxpayers did not ask for COPCN, rather they ask ‘what is COPCN?’ Collier County Commissioners are still asking some of these same questions. I applaud them for their due diligence. 

The Q & A presentations here on Marco are the only public forums and they are run by a political action committee! Not usually taxpayer friendly.

Editorial cartoon

Why is a political action committee involved in trying to influence voters decisions, especially on emergencies issues. COPCN should be able to stand on its own merits.  

Chief Mike Murphy's recent email  to me suggests that, based on my current taxable value, I would pay $1.84 per year. This number is flawed or the value is flawed. Are COPCN related numbers  also flawed?  

This is all about the voters and taxpayers of this community and the importance of caring for them during their critical times.  

More questions must be answered. Are we ready? Are we able? What are we not being told? If we falter do we say?

City Council suggested at the June 19 meeting that implementing this COPCN should be based on having a city manager in place. They can't even agree on a search firm to proceed with that possibility. Thus, this COPCN may have to be put on the back burner until the city puts their house in order, only  then should we be reaching out for "home rule."  

Virginia Bingle, Marco Island

Welcome to ‘Fialaland’

In the spirit of full disclosure, I live in Collier County Commission District 1 and have enjoyed having Donna Fiala as our county commissioner for years, so I am a huge supporter. Now, having said that, I was pleased when the Eagle Lakes Community Park community center was named for Fiala. It was a very nice recognition of a politician who actually delivered on her promises to her constituents.

But I must admit that such a wonderful facility like the aquatic center deserves a name that extends the tributes to Fiala, as that facility would not exist had it not been for her years of fighting to bring quality recreational facilities to children and adults living in East Naples. This is an area that has suffered through the worst of images, with constant criticism for its inability to clean up its act. Well, the “act” is being cleaned up with extensive business investments, available land to build on and a new East Naples pride not possible without the help and sacrifice of Fiala.

I truly believe she is serving her final term as commissioner and deserves an honor that no one has thought of, I hope. Walt Disney named his park Disneyland.

The Eagle Lakes Community Park Aquatic Center is much too long of a name; even “ELCPAC” doesn’t work. I submit the first, but I hope not the last, vote to name the “ELCPAC” after Fiala at its grand opening with a huge sign proclaiming: “Welcome to Fialaland.”

Yep, this is a serious letter. We have one chance to repay a debt everyone in Naples and especially East Naples owes to one of the best, most dedicated Collier County commissioners ever to serve.

Keith Dameron, Marco Island

Answer to the editor

In a recent editorial column, the Naples Daily News questioned Marco Island’s ability to hire a medical director when for over a year, the City Council, has been unable to retain a city manager or agree on hiring an executive search firm.  

Please be assured that the City of Marco Island services, including the police department, water, sewer, utilities, and the fire rescue department, are all operating efficiently thanks to the direction of the interim city manager, chiefs and supervisors.  The City of Marco Island was named the safest city in Florida.  

Additionally, several experienced and well qualified physicians have inquired for the position of medical director for Marco Island.

John Coff, Marco Island