Letters to the Editor, July 6

Marco Eagle


To the citizens of Marco Island: If you've read [Tuesday’s] Marco Eagle, you've seen an article involving an ethics complaint against the former city community affairs director, Brian Milk.

Editorial cartoon

Frankly, since I wasn't involved, I don't remember all the specifics of why his attorney chose to grandstand by implicating me and former Councilor Amadeo Petricca, however, I suppose the fact that he never pursued his charges against either of us is sufficient evidence that we had nothing to do with Mr. Milk's actions and frankly, I'm writing this letter because I'm offended that the Eagle chose to include my name in the article.

I've been out of city government (as has Mr. Petricca) for almost two years now, and was never approached by the State's Ethics Commission.

Ironically, during my four years on council, I was the target of an ethics complaint by one of our citizens who accused me of taking advantage of my position to gain advantages not otherwise available to 'ordinary' citizens.  The complaint involved my attendance at an event to which All members of council and county commission members (I was also on the Tourist Development Commission) were invited and a subsequent favor granted to me by the then-GM of the Marriott.  Thanks to this complaint, it took the state a full year before finding no evidence of a violation, but cost the city thousands of dollars in defense and other costs over a $41 hamburger!

Larry Sacher, Marco Island

Keep county EMS on Marco

This letter is in regard to Marco Island government attempting to have its own emergency medical service.

I am a retired emergency room doctor who worked in the Marco Island Urgent Care Center (ER) for 17 years and was the director there for many years. I, therefore, think I have good knowledge of what is needed for emergency service provided by EMS. I found Collier County EMS provided more than adequate service while working there.

The medications lacking on fire trucks are almost never used, even by EMS, are costly and dangerous if used incorrectly, and have absolutely no lifesaving value. They are simply stabilizing medications sometimes used during the transport phase of prehospital care in expert and experienced hands.

I feel it would be a gross error to have Marco to try to develop its own separate EMS. It would require years to develop a workable and adequate department. It requires more than an ambulance and gasoline. The most important factor is very well trained basic life support emergency medical technicians and advanced life support paramedics. This requires having a director who is well-versed in that care and an excellent teacher who continues that teaching forever.

Collier County EMS has all of the above attributes in place in Marco Island now. If the service needs to take a patient to the hospital or provide helicopter transport it is done promptly. The Marco ambulance is temporarily replaced by a county ambulance while it is gone. I have no clue how that would work when Marco has its own service not connected to the county.

It is very easy to keep an excellent service. Developing a new, poorer service is extremely labor intensive, costly and difficult.

James Hampton, M.D., Naples

Let's get some real answers!

Councilwoman Roman wrote in a recent email to me, “The  interim manager will get you the answers.”

When? So many questions remain unanswered.

COPCN FAQ update of June 19 strongly suggests these are questions created by the fire/rescue department with created answers to accommodate their position. Take the time to read some of the responses, even City Council members should balk at some of them.

Russ Columbo's letter to the editor "that charge is scare tactic 101" applies to some of them as well.

Why aren't Dr. Tobers challenging questions and comments incorporated into this COPCN FAQ? Or, Naples Daily News editorial questions? Why aren't critical facts, presented by Marvin Eastman, included? These are the real questions.

It is your responsibility to keep the voters informed, not send them off struggling through dozens of pages of links to documents with conflicting data and Information, found in city of Marco website. 

City Council should have an open forum to all voters, answering these many  questions, and  not fall back on the created answers.

Invite Dr. Tober; a Naples Daily News editorial staff member; Mr. Eastman; perhaps even a staff member of CCC who suggested this COPCN not be approved.

Let's get some real answers!

To do less is disingenuous and not in keeping with the responsibilities of City Council.  

Virginia Bingle, Marco Island