Letters to the Editor, September 14

Marco Eagle

Kudos to editorial board

The Aug. 30 Naples Daily News editorial titled “Marco ambulance service” was spot on pointing out that the vote to bring a second full-time ambulance to the Island was voted down by only 450 votes and gave a number of valid reasons for Marco to revisit the issue given the closeness of the outcome.

As an 18-year full-time Marco resident, I voted “yes” and continue to feel strongly that our city government has a responsibility to keep this issue alive. Unfortunately, most of the current Marco city councilors have repeatedly demonstrated an inability to successfully deal with important island issues.

Editorial cartoon

I believe it would be a mistake to have the current councilors try to address this issue given their disgraceful track record so the decision to revisit the second ambulance issue should be tabled until new City Councilors are in place following the November general election. Additionally, the selection of a new Marco Island city manager should be the responsibility of the post November election council members. The current interim city manager is doing a good job and will continue to do so for the next couple of months.

There will be at least two and hopefully three new councilors elected bringing fresh eyes to these and other critically important issues impacting the islands future. No currently sitting Marco Island city councilor should be re-elected.

So, kudo’s to the Naples Daily News Editorial Board for their honest, realistic and candid assessment of the self-inflicted shortcomings of Marco Island’s leadership.

Keith Dameron, Marco Island

Tax not needed

There are many groups painting a pretty picture for the Collier County sales tax. I hope everyone will see it as just that. A pretty picture.

Collier leaders already have plans for all these projects and many can be supported by the charitable/ nonprofit community. Like the stormwater tax being discussed and the North Collier fire district fee that failed (80 percent to 20 percent), this tax won't truly solve issues but kick them down the road to shovel more dollars into the coffers of the county general fund.

This tax also is regressive and will hit Collier's poorest and working families and small businesses the hardest, shoveling on tax after tax and stifling economic growth.

This tax will also not sunset. We cannot assume what future commissioners will do, or if they will increase it in two, five, 10 or 20 years down the road. Politicians and bureaucrats very rarely give up money. This again will threaten working families and small businesses.

I believe in our community. We are charitable and volunteer more than any other I've seen. Many of these wish list items can be met by the community instead of taxation.

Jacob Winge, East Naples

Thankful for responsive county employees

I would like to express my gratitude to Mark Martin, a supervisor, and Pawel Brzeski, an operations analyst, with Collier County government.

Hurricane Irma knocked a few trees into the canal behind our home. During cleanup after Irma, a number of trees were carelessly cut down and dropped into the canal by neighbors.

I contacted supervisor Martin and he got the project started. I am very happy with the job Brzeski did in directing the cleanup of the canal. He listened to my concerns thoroughly and assured me that I would not need to worry. He did an outstanding job of leading the clearing of the canal.

My anxiety (and my wife’s anxiety) about possible flooding of our home (and of our neighbors’ homes) in the next hurricane is greatly diminished.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Collier County government.

Allan Scott, Golden Gate

Be thankful for good clergy

A note to my fellow Catholics who are shocked and saddened by the current church scandal:

As one pastor said, “Catholic priests and bishops, including the pope, are ordained to teach and defend the faith, the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, the Ten Commandments, the sacraments, the right to life and other magisterial teachings, and most do. However, don’t confuse the church with the clerics. The church is spotless, her teachings are true, beautiful and good. But bishops and priests are sinners, as we all are.” 

Let us be thankful and pray for all the good priests who serve the Lord and his church faithfully.

John Bates, Naples