Letters to the Editor, Oct. 26

Marco Eagle

Elect Sam Young

My name is Sheree Young and my husband Sam Young is running for Marco Island City Council.      

We have been working very hard to meet and talk to every voter and it has been a pleasure sitting down and talking about the issues with Marco Island residents.  

Everyone wants to know, “what kind of a man is he and will he stand up for the principles he is running on?” 

In the over 47 years I’ve known Sam, I’ve never seen him fail to keep his promises. He is a true fiscal conservative and passionate about the waterways and beaches. He really means it when he says he wants to “Preserve Our Island Paradise” and when he leaves the Island to leave it better for future generations.

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 I’ve watched him learn about our waterways and become involved in the Marine Resource Education Program, the NOAA Fisheries Aquaculture Committee and the Marco Sportfishing Club. But that’s not all Sam is passionate about. Through his participation on the Waterways Advisory Committee, he has met many of our City staff and members of City Council and other Advisory Committees. He has learned first-hand about what works in Marco and what needs fixing.

 We’ve seen a lot of discord and divisiveness over the past year and we need to elect City Councilors who will put an end to the posturing and bickering and just get the job done and done right. Sam is that kind of man.  

Early voting [is underway] at the Marco Island Library. Election day is Nov. 6. 

Please help elect Sam Young to Marco Island City Council! 

Sheree Young, Marco Island

Open question for council candidates

Only four of the five candidates because incumbent Councilor Rios’ position is a matter of record.

Background: A few weeks a special City Council meeting convened to hire a professional City Manager on the limited, temporary basis known as “interim city manager.” They failed to do so because two councilors voted to reject all three professional, qualified and experienced nominees.

This, of course, resulted in keeping Financial Director Gil Polanco in place as Interim CM. Polanco’s performance in that role has been as well as can be expected, given that he lacks training, experience or interest in the position. (Polanco has been vocal about wishing to return to his professional role of finance director.)

That said, it’s a known fact that Marco’s administration continues to suffer an unacceptable steady decline for lack of professional, experienced management. (Example: Marco Island called in the “feds” to arrest a resident for pulling weeds out of Mackle Lake without a license.)

Question: How would you have voted had you been sitting on that special-called council meeting to hire a professional interim city manager?

I suggest candidates willing to respond simply do so via this same “Letters to the Editor” feature. That’ll distribute your opinion among voters as widely as possible. 

Russ Colombo, Marco Island

Clean water candidate

I count myself very fortunate to live on Marco Island and make a living sharing paradise through our boat tour business.

As our business was slowed by the devastating conditions red tide had plagued much of the state with, I decided to get active in clean water initiatives and discover what role I can play to help bring about positive change.

Having attended various public forums, non-profit events and political rallies over the summer across the state, it was our local city government via the Waterways Committee and City Council that had a profound impact on me personally. In these meetings, there was one voice who seemed to be the only passionate champion of our waters, providing proactive solutions based on careful consideration and urgency and that was City Council Candidate Sam Young.

Long before clean water became the vogue trend in this year’s election, Sam has engaged in clean water workshops and fought for increased measures to preserve our waterways.

Sam has the energy, experience and real-world knowledge of how proper water management can be accomplished. He understands the fiscal impact of waiting too long to fix a problem that cannot be seen by simply “walking the beach.” He isn’t all talk. I have witnessed him cleaning our beaches, as well as removing trash and various construction debris and landscape refuse from our canals. His actions for me resonate further than the political rhetoric of others seeking election and it is this captain’s opinion that Sam Young is the only true “clean water candidate” for City Council measured by his hard work and longstanding reputation as an outspoken advocate for our water quality.

Captain Brent Wilson, Marco Island

Support Sam Young 

With the election just days away, I felt a need to write about my support for Sam Young for Marco Island City Council. 

Just spending a few minutes with Sam you quickly learn it's obvious that Sam Young is the people's choice for Marco Island City Council.

I have personally had the pleasure of working with Sam during his service for our city. It was immediately clear to me that Sam truly cares about our community, our waterways and beaches, and working together with others to accomplish big things for our Island. 

Sam has been a dedicated, hardworking volunteer on our City’s Waterways Advisory Committee and has the proper extensive professional background and expertise to bring the citizens’ voice to Council, something we desperately need. He has run a positive, focused, passionate, issue-oriented campaign. 

I have seen him meeting with residents to talk about his campaign, discussing solutions to our water quality issues, and expressing the need to improve our city services to meet our citizens’ expectations.

I was happy to see that Sam Young placed first and second in recent Marco Island voter straw polls, and to read that Sam has picked up many endorsements to go along with the many yard signs of support all across our island.

With so much negativity out there, Sam Young is a refreshing change in local politics. When I go to vote for this year’s City Council election, I know Sam is my choice and I hope you will all join me in also voting for Sam Young for Marco Island City Council. 

Andrew Kirlin, Marco Island

Right leadership needed

Recently, I read a newspaper article sadly chronicling “the demise of civility in America” and I have a few ideas.

The demise of civility in America stems from the transition from times of not having to our time of having too much and not knowing how to handle it.

A changing of the guard and the rapid proliferation of technology has partially paved the road we’re currently skidding on. But to an even greater degree, many problems of today actually point to failures of the past. Our previous decisions made to accept everything have eroded our ability today to stand for anything. As more things have become socially acceptable, we find our lives becoming more intolerable. Opportunities exist more now than ever to do the right things and to do the wrong things. But as our history bears witness, we as human beings are followers by nature and few of us choose to resist prevailing sentiments.

So now, more than ever, we just need the right leadership, that promotes the sentiments we’d like to be proud to represent.

Lance McCormack, Marco Island

Trump’s conduct is sad, so sad

It’s no secret girls and women are reluctant to report sexual abuse out of fear of humiliation and the feeling that they are somehow responsible for the incident.

So what does our commander in chief do at a political rally in Mississippi? Belittle professor Christine Blasey Ford for reporting her unfortunate incident. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and many others in his party are on record saying he believes Ford did experience a sexual attack, just not by Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

President Donald Trump does not belong in the highest office in America no matter what you think of his policies. Using Trump’s favorite expression, his conduct is sad, so sad.

Reed Boone, Marco Island

It's not enough

Since 2017 hundreds of thousands of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang province of China have been unjustly arrested and imprisoned in what the Chinese government calls "political re-education camps."

Thousands have reportedly disappeared. Many are tortured and killed for the sole reason of being an Uighur. The lucky ones are forced to learn Communist ideology under barrels of guns. Religious and cultural freedoms of the largest minority in China are being suppressed and systematic ethnic cleansing is perpetrated by the government of Xi Jinping.

Ambassador Kelley Currie at the UN has already called on the Chinese government to end its repressive policies in Xinjiang. But it's not enough. Washington must impose sanctions on senior Chinese officials for human rights abuses under the Global Magnitsky Act.

Sumer Aygen, Marco Island

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