Letters to the Editor, Nov, 6

Marco Eagle

We deserve better from our political leadership

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears"; seriously friends, neighbors, and citizens of Marco Island please pay attention to the recent developments regarding Councilor Honig.

It seems Councilor Honig has acknowledged he is the owner of an anonymous website Marco Politics while denying that he authored any of the content; however, contrary to his refusal to admit authorship document reviews seem to indicate that Councilor Honig did write some of the content.

Let me assure you that I sincerely feel Councilor Honig expected that the power of his words would undermine political opponents and manipulate the mood of primarily the voting residents of our city. Political dialog based on differences of opinion that is articulated in a civil manner is completely warranted in a democracy; however, words that are purposefully used to personally defame and hurt have no place in any personal more or less political discourse.

Editorial cartoon

Remember the warning of Marc Anthony that "The evil that men do lives after them"; you be the judge whether the material on this website was evil or well-intentioned.
Many of you are extremely busy with family and work commitments. Many of you are possibly becoming disenchanted and disgusted with the message of politics on Marco Island. The truth is all of us cannot afford to ignore and hence let this type of behavior go unchallenged for then we are tacitly condoning it. We deserve better from our political leadership. We must devise means by which to take our government back.

Regina L. Dayton, Marco Island

In support of  Dr. Jerry Swiacki 

I am writing in support of city council candidate, Dr. Jerry Swiacki. As a former resident of Marco Island (now living on Capri) and member of the Marco Island Fire Department, I have seen a lot of transition in the city government over the last few years. It seems that each time we get to know a new city manager and settle into a relationship with them, the council changes course. This has been very difficult on us as city employees, it affects our morale and distracts from long-term goals.

I got to know Dr. Swiacki through the COPCN campaign and also because I work with his nephew. Dr. Swiacki stands out from others I have met. He is genuine and actually listens. He isn’t defensive, he doesn’t talk over you, and he has repeatedly taken the time to get to know our department by sitting down with us to talk, supporting the Fire Foundation, and coming to all of our fundraising events. He always seems objective and follows through on what he says.

I don’t know much about politics, but I know that we still have to show up every day to do our jobs whether there is infighting in the city, misleading anonymous emails are sent out, or our budget is slashed for a minor tax cut. Our job is to keep you safe. Dr. Swiacki is a man who has dedicated his life to that same cause and I would like to acknowledge his contribution to our city and encourage you to vote for him.

Nick Varro, Isles of Capri

Pray, then vote

The midterm elections and the preposterous claims of promises to be made by the current candidates for office bring to mind a quote made by a favorite historian and author of the 19th century.

Edward Everett Hale, author, historian and minister, was asked, 'Do you pray for the senators, Dr. Hale?' And the good doctor said, 'No, I look at the senators and pray for the country!'

I think this goes for every rank-and-file staffer in our present administration. Vote to rid this country of the present jokers in the White House who defile everything this country once stood for.

Dick Murphy, Golden Gate Estates