Letters to the Editor, March 26

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Against road extension in Collier

As full-time residents of Marbella Lakes, my wife and I are extremely upset at the proposed, totally unnecessary Whippoorwill road extension, a plan guaranteed to adversely affect the quality of life of several tranquil communities.

While the powers-that-be are working to ease traffic at the congested intersection of Pine Ridge Road and Livingston Road, a worthy goal, they have said that the Whippoorwill extension will not affect traffic at that intersection in any way.

If that’s true, why are they moving full-speed ahead on such a costly project? The only possible answer: to appease developers who have for years wanted

to open the road so that they could build scores of new condos.

We’ve been given many made-up reasons why the extension is necessary, but the obvious truth is that opening the road will be a constant safety hazard to the thousands of families — adults and many, many children — who live, work and play near the road; an environmental disaster for the local birds and wildlife that consider the area their home; and a constantly noisy intrusion on the lives of thousands of residents.

County officials seem eager to do some developers’ bidding, while ignoring the injurious effects the plan has on the lives of so many of their constituents. Every Naples resident, even those who live miles from the proposed roadway, should be very concerned about this kind of pro-business/anti-resident action by the county. Because if they can do this to my community today, they can do it to yours tomorrow.

Donald K. Epstein, East Naples

Where to shoot targets

Shooting in a backyard. See the contradiction? Backyard, not open space.

Backyards are for barbecue and Frisbees. Golden Gate is not rural; it is a subdivision of residences. Hello in there.

As for the sheriff giving his ranges to the public use? No sense, the range is for officer training, costs associated with that and “liability.” Think Punta Gorda.

If private citizens want to shoot their weapons, go to a shooting range like the Alamo. Safe and sound and reasonable. If you can buy a gun and ammo, you can afford the range cost. Common sense.

As Dylan once sang, the times they are a changing.’ Keep up to date.

PS. I understand guns are useful tools for citizens. Not toys.

Dennis Wichterman, Naples

Proposed electoral changes

The Democrats are suggesting many changes be made to how we elect our government representatives. One suggestion is lower the voting age to 16. Another is to dump the Electoral College. Wow.

Can you imagine we hand over the government to the 16-year-olds in our five most populated states? Throw in a little marijuana and let the good times roll.

Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are targeting the Supreme Court for change. They want it expanded to 15 judges in 2020, so the expected winner of the presidential election (a Democrat) won’t be saddled with a Republican majority on the bench. Booker then adds that the Supreme Court justices should be held to term limits.

Term limits? How about a little introspection, Mr. Booker. Now let’s hear support from you and your fellow politicians favoring term limits

for all elected representatives in our government.

Buck Evans, East Naples

Sewage lift station unwelcome

Collier County struggles with a scarcity of middleincome housing for its residents

and espouses ambitious plans to increase the supply available. Simultaneously, it is considering the destruction of the large Lely Golf Estates community, an inconsistency that cannot be ignored.

Seven years ago, the Waste Management Department deliberately bypassed the scrutiny and approval of the county commissioners by utilizing a non-identifiable “bundled” request. Senior Management never notified residents or county commissioners of the real plans for this money. They purchased a lot in the center of Old Lely and proceeded to plan for the installation of a major sewage lift station in the middle of this residential area.

This stealth project proceeded and was discovered by accident. Plans had been drawn up to slash lawns and widen side streets to accommodate enormous 12wheel vehicles to service this 2,200-square-foot sewage lift station.

Its ugliness cannot be camouflaged with fencing or landscaping. The accompanying stench, noise, health hazards and traffic dangers are beyond comprehension for the over 200 families within 130 yards of the proposed structure.

We have joggers, dog walkers, children ranging in age from seven months through teens on this street. We have had a traffic fatality in the past year. Where is your concern for the health, safety and well-being of the residents you represent?

Where is the promised government “transparency”? What other Collier County neighborhoods have similar plans in the works that have not been revealed yet?

Commissioners must insist that this residential lot be restored to the HOA immediately. Residents do not deserve to live in limbo. Return the lot and move this project out of our community.

Mary Cusack, East Naples