Letters to the Editor, May 10

Marco Eagle
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Time for nation to move on?

It is so sad that the hatred and slandering toward our president continues from some in our country.

You would think that after two years and the conclusion of "The Mueller Report," which showed no collusion or obstruction, that they would stop, but now it's AG Barr lied, Mueller lied, more investigations are needed, etc.

When are those in Congress going to start working together and continue making America great again by lowering health care and pharmaceutical costs, revising immigration laws and keeping American citizens safe?

The hatred in our country has to stop. A divided house will not stand. We don't have to be worried about being destroyed from without when we are being destroyed from within.

RL Wellman, East Naples

The last straw for voters?

The Senate just passed a bill banning local enforcement of regulations aimed at protecting marine life in Florida waters, despite not having any regulations at the state level.

It boggles the mind in light of the recent publicity surrounding the deaths of dolphins and other precious marine life due to ingestion of plastic bags and straws thrown into or inadvertently making their way into waters. Why can’t beach cities like Sanibel enforce their own bans to protect these species?

Home rule is a tenet of conservative values. Does that apply only when the plastics industry isn’t involved? Follow the money!

Come election time, I hope folks will pay attention to these votes our elected officials have cast. “for the good of the people.”

Gov. DeSantis, please veto this cynical legislation.

Blanche Hawkins, Naples

From Hiaasen to Churchill

Carl Hiaasen and the USA Today View in the May 3 Editorial Opinion section of the Naples Daily News were spot on. As a Republican whose patience and tolerance is tested daily by the elected leader of our party and the nation, I would like to add a few words of wisdom.

Famous quotations of Winston Churchill: 

"The main vice of capitalism is the uneven distribution of prosperity. The main vice of socialism is the even distribution of misery."

And regarding President Trumps lack of diplomacy:

" Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such way that they ask for directions."

And then there is this one for all of our elected officials:

"In the course of my life, I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I always found it a wholesome diet."

Finally, this is for our president and his many critics who find the stage more important than the job of legislating:

"Life is fraught with opportunities to keep my mouth shut."

Gorton Evans, East Naples

Plastic harming sea creatures

Yet another marine mammal — this time a dolphin calf — has been found with a stomach full of plastic. The small dolphin was found on Fort Myers Beach, far from her deep-water home. Her stomach contained plastic bags and a shredded balloon. She was emaciated and in such poor shape that rescue workers were forced to euthanize her.

Rebecca Hosking, maker of the documentary "Hawaii: Message in the Waves," has pointed out that plastic bags can remain in our oceans for years and that more than 100,000 birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other marine animals die every year after they mistake floating plastic bags for food and eat them.
We can help save animals and protect the environment simply by using reusable tote bags rather than single-use bags and by not releasing balloons into the air. We can also reduce pollution — and be kind to animals — by not fishing or eating fish and other sea animals, since abandoned fishing nets make up at least 46 percent of the debris in the "Great Pacific garbage patch," a floating pile of trash that’s three times the size of France.

See www.PETA.org for more information and tips on what you can do to help marine animals and our oceans.

Heather Moore, PETA Foundation, Norfolk, Va.

Homeschoolers of Collier win

April was very good to the Homeschoolers of Collier County and their Odyssey of the Mind endeavors at the University of Central Florida, Orlando. 

After winning the Southwest Florida competition against hundreds of schools in south Fort Myers, they moved on to UCF with hopes of being one of the two teams in their 8-11-year-old division to qualify for the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals World O.M. Championships as Florida state champions. The competition involving every other state champion and 25 countries from around the globe will be held May 22-25 at the Michigan State University campus in East Lansing. 

These students are solely responsible for their choices of intellectual problem-solving performance, prop design and construction, eight-minute role-playing skit and creativity.  Their "coaches" are not allowed to partake, or the team will be penalized. 

The team did qualify for the O.M. World Finals, winning one of the only two trophies awarded, as well as winning a second medal for having the most creative presentation.

The Homeschoolers are very excited and looking forward to their next conquest, but they need financial assistance for this life-altering competition, which could help with their future scholarship aspirations and provide opportunities to meet similarity inclined students from around the world. This is a big deal in the elementary scholastic world. 

A Go Fund Me Page has been set up. Please feel free to research Homeschoolers of Collier County and the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals World O.M. Championships. Any considerations will be appreciated. You also may call me at 239-263-3134 for further information or email me at jamcollett@yahoo.com.

John B. Collett, Naples

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