Letters to the Editor, May 14

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Rules for car carriers

Now that season is over, it’s time for the county sheriff, Naples police, Naples City Council and the county commissioners to put in place rules and regulations for car carriers for next season.

Car carriers have always been a safety concern, but this season they were completely out of control parking in traffic lanes, right turn lanes and even in left turn lanes. Their loading and unloading process in these traffic areas endangers the drivers, the car owners and the other drivers on the road, and sooner or later someone is going to be injured or killed.

I realize that car carriers are a service enjoyed by many of our winter guests, so changes don’t have to be draconian. Since most of the carriers station themselves outside gated communities or large condo complexes, a simple solution would be to notify these communities, as well as the carriers, that the police or deputies are going to be ticketing illegally parked trucks next season, so carriers will have to arrange for legal pickup and drop-off locations or the private communities must provide space inside their property for these services. I’ll leave the ball in their court and hope they act before someone gets killed.

James Moritz, East Naples

Median landscaping in East Naples

Highway landscaping in Naples is beautiful. I understand that a well-planned highway expansion many times includes median landscaping. What I don’t understand is why the median landscaping on Collier Boulevard between U.S. 41 and Davis Boulevard is completed only up to the Naples National Golf Club course entrance, leaving many communities between this area and Davis Boulevard landscaping incomplete.

Expansion has been six lanes for more than five years. Davis Boulevard from Collier to Santa Barbara Boulevard median landscaping is not complete. Median landscaping on Davis Boulevard between County Barn Road and Santa Barbara is beautiful.

It seems median landscaping is missing in this quadrant for some reason. Can someone tell me why?

Rodney Ahitow, East Naples

Is VA care program better?

This VA Choice Program touted by this president and Congress is much worse than ever.

I went to my local VA outpatient clinic with shortness of breath. I was put on an EKG machine. I was then told I had issues with my heart and sent immediately to NCH. I was told I'd be referred to the 'new' Choice Program for community care. Remember the previous guidelines on better than a 30-day wait? I was told today the wait time is now 90 days. Ninety days for a heart issue? How is this 'new' program better?

Two years ago, I saw a cardiologist within days of the request. So there is no search for a doctor needed; they know who he is, and used him before.

Please, Mr. President, how is this better? If you, Mr. President, get a sniffle, there is zero wait time. How then can we veterans believe your impassioned talk about veterans care?

I'll wait for a Twitter response on our care.

I hope I do not become another sad statistic; there are people who count on me every single day.

Robert Jenkins, Golden Gate Estates

Trump, Putin and ‘Mueller Report’

The Washington Post recorded the 10,000th lie or misrepresentation by President Trump in 827 days. When it comes to prevarication and dishonesty, Trump is the greatest president ever.

President Trump had a “very good call” with Vladimir Putin and they talked about the “Russia hoax.” Trump has had several friendly meetings with Putin but not one with Robert Mueller. If only Trump would attack Putin with as much venom as he attacked John McCain. Or Robert Mueller. Or the FBI.

Attorney General Barr lied about no evidence of obstruction of justice and was rebuked by Mueller

in a letter. The Mueller Report cited 10 instances of attempted obstruction, including Trump’s firing of James Comey, then confessing to Lester Holt that he fired Comey because of the “Russia thing.” Trump confessed to obstruction, and the Trump cult members are still hallucinating about his innocence.

Trump said he and Putin discussed the “Russian hoax” but didn’t confront Putin about Russia’s current interference to help Republicans. Trump and his “Fox & Friends” have claimed there was “no collusion” because Mueller couldn’t prove the narrow definition of conspiracy.

There were over 100 secret meetings with Russians by members of the Trump administration. Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner secretly met with Russian intelligence agents at Trump Tower to obtain stolen “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and never notified the FBI. Trump invited Putin to hack Hillary Clinton (”Russia ,if you are listening”) and Trump praised the WikiLeaks Russian agent (”I love Wiki-Leaks”).

For three years, Trump has aided and abetted Putin’s attack on our elections, by siding with Putin against America, the FBI and our intelligence agencies. This is not only impeachable, but this is the most un-American and traitorous president in history, and this country is being attacked by an enemy with the overt support of this president and his slavish supporters.

Bill Linehan, East Naples