Letters to the Editor, June 18

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Hey Bob, you could have been a hero 

The era amendment simply states “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of sex.”

That’s it, plain and simple. Thirty seven states have ratified this amendment, 38 are needed to make it into the law of the land. one more state is needed. Our representative, Bob Rommel, district 106 did not even bring the era onto the floor of the house for a vote this past legislative session! Florida, along with 12 other states which includes Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana could be heroic if they ratified the era.

Come on bob, let’s be heroic and bring the era to a vote next session. 

Stephanie Ballo, Marco Island

‘The Mueller Report’

I just finished reading “The Mueller Report.” I believe we can agree Mr. Mueller has a reputation for being honest and meticulously going by the book.

I was both surprised and happy because I had previously learned about most that was written therein, except for the in-depth legal research and case studies that were cited. I learned about this because the information had been reported in major media sources, including The Washington Post and New York Times, as well as CNN and MSNBC.

So, let’s face reality. There is no such thing as fake news when it comes from reliable sources.

Irv Povlow, Marco Island

A municipal golf course in Collier?

Those with power in Collier County, such as the descendants of of Baron Collier, may convince the Collier County commissioners to consider and approve the purchase of land for a municipal golf park to be added to the many other parks in the county.

There are 89 golf courses in Naples (see www info .com). The U.S. has 2,497 municipal golf courses. Collier County has not had one in over 90 years.

The Lakewood Country Club in East Naples has been for sale since January 2016, when its members voted to have the board of directors "enter into negotiations for the sale." Some people and the board of directors said the county is not interested in buying Lakewood Country Club land, which has a sporty par 60 laid out for a quick round of golf in the Naples area. It is 52 acres of classic Florida landscape, with four lakes.

County records show market value in 2017 was much less than $2 million. The Lakewood board and their Realtor could and should request the county to negotiate an offer to buy Lakewood Country Club for a reasonable price.

The Collier organizations and the Naples Daily News (formally Collier News) could be of great help, and the new course could be named Collier Common Golf Park. With professional management and help of an organization, a golf course can be successful and sustainable. Could 2,497 municipal golf courses in the U.S. have made a mistake?

Edward Tappen, East Naples

Most important issues?

According to Gallup Polls, the economy is the most important issue per the American voter, followed by unemployment and jobs, the gap between rich and poor and the federal budget and deficit. Non-economic issues ranked by importance are the government leadership (by far most important), immigration, health care, race relations and unifying the country. Climate change is in a distant sixth place, tied with education.

Why then is the Democratic Party insisting that climate change and their Green Deal programs are the biggest issues facing our country?

Granted, CO2 emissions and climate change are important, but with China causing almost twice the percentage (27.2%) of the US (14.6%), climate change isn’t our biggest problem.

The environmentalists have aggressive goals but few details except for cost. According to Biden, 1.7 trillion, with 10 trillion predicted by AOC, the bartender turned Democratic demigod of liberalism. This high priority of the Democrats isn’t that of the American public.

Mueller said, “If we had confidence the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Don’t you suppose if they had confidence he committed a crime, they would have said that instead?

Guy Tiffany, East Naples

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