Letters to the Editor, July 9

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

No public golf course in Collier

Shame on Naples, and Collier County, and their powerful businesses for not providing a municipal park golf course (18 holes ) during the past 90 years.

Edward Tappen, East Naples

'Disappointing' parade

What a disappointing Fourth of July parade this year. I only saw the first 40 minutes, but all it was was car after car of local people walking dressed in a little bit of red, white and blue. There was very little that resembles a parade.

The only good part was when the police and the servicemen came through with the flags.

The last straw for me was seeing someone passing out car stickers with the name Trump and a whole display that someone in the Trump camp must have put together to promote Trump. I thought it was disgraceful at a parade that’s for the unity of our country.

He has bred such disrespect and hatred in this country — kissing up to dictators who randomly kill their citizens over any opposition. I feel like he is trying to lead this country into fascism. He is slowly eroding our Constitution and our beliefs. I could go on and on with the negatives ... anyway, my day was ruined.

Annette DiPaolo, East Naples

Immigrants being demonized?

A letter recently condemned policies from Democratic presidential aspirants during the debates. Coddling immigrants, free stuff for everybody — where is the work ethic, he ranted.

If he is not an American Indian, his people came from another country. They probably struggled to make it, and had all the advantages we provide to newcomers. His elitism is amazing. Non-white newcomers are unwelcome. His  grand assumptions about their worth are based on what? President Trump’s racism?

Those seeking asylum are fleeing horrendous conditions. Drug lords are recruiting their children, and families who refuse are murdered.

Most of us are the children of immigrants. The humane welcome we give to those who are desperate is not something we should stop because a racist is now president.  Children in detention at the border are denied basic human comforts. Those “caring” for them are forbidden to touch them, hug them, offer emotional support.

The legend on the Statue of Liberty – “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” speaks to our humanity.

Under Trump, we are abandoning our principles.  The people he appeals to love his message: Their lives are miserable because of minorities.  They deserve to be heard, to have their issues addressed, but they should not have the power to demonize others to excuse their failures.

Harriet Stanton-Leaffer, Matlacha

Blame whom for border crisis?

An open letter to U.S. Rep. Francis Rooney:

This is a recent quote of you that I read from NBC Channel 2:

"Detention centers for illegal immigrants, including children, were first instituted by President Obama in 2013-14," Rooney said. "These centers have seen a large increase in detainees due to the crisis at our southern border and our flawed asylum and immigration systems. Unfortunately, until last week, Democrat leadership in the House had refused to allocate money to aid the families and children being detained.

"I have sponsored several pieces of legislation to address border crises, speed adjudication of asylum claims and fix our broken visa system."

Many of us remember a border spending bill was passed, with bipartisan support, in December 2018. It would have greatly improved the conditions at our southern border. It was vetoed by your president and followed up with a protracted government shutdown and a false national emergency. So, don’t try to divert blame to the Democrats.

In addition, if all of you, including your president, thought what the Obama administration started was so heinous, why did you let it continue and, in fact, allow it to fester even further? Why didn’t you eliminate it?

Carol Waterman, Naples