Letters to the Editor, Aug. 30

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Urbanization of Florida

There is little truly rural these days in Florida. Anything resembling “wild” really isn’t. As vast as they seem, the protected areas are basically giant zoos and tree museums full of roads to nowhere.

About 230 panthers left in the so-called “wild,” now with a mysterious partial paralysis cropping up in the population. That is utterly disgusting. They are managed wild animals. They require management, poachers aside, because their habitat is already destroyed. That’s why you pay to get into probably most of the parks.

The plan “Build it and they will come” is to virtually fill in the blanks in Florida. U.S. 41 — the Tamiami Trail — down the west side of the state is already a megalopolis for the most part. The east coast is shot too, and the DeSantis toll roads through the middle of the Sunshine State will create the same experience, town after town after town. Cape Coral drive times for everybody — Yay!

Some “countryside” still exists in northwestern Florida, but you know the developers, slimy politicians, associated lobbies and speculators won’t rest until they rape that too, for one-time profit, everlasting ruination and burdensome top-heavy tax bases. This is not progress. This is degradation.

See the Visual Capitalist website for an animated map titled “The Dramatic Global Rise of Urbanization (1950–2020)” at https://www.visualcapitalist.com/ map-global-rise-of-urbanization/.

Bill Kitsch, East Naples

Questions for Sen. Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio, we are waiting to see if you speak out against the president’s craziness. Or will you remain silent and thus condone the president’s:

  • Racist comments;
  • Cruel immigration policies separating children and placing them in cages without hygiene care;
  • Failure to do anything about his major campaign policies, including fixing the national infrastructure and developing an “outstanding” health plan that fitseverybody’s needs;
  • Getting into a contest with China that is jeopardizing millions of people’s 401(k) accounts;
  • Readiness to cozy up to far-right dictators while insulting our traditional allies?

Will you speak out or remain silent while continuing to accept campaign donations from the NRA and expect to be re-elected?

Bill McMaster, East Naples

‘Get out the vote’ awards

Congratulations to the Collier County Supervisor of Elections Office staff for receiving two awards recognizing their efforts to “get out the vote” in the 2018 election.

The Florida Public Relations Association recognized the office for excellence in implementation of a marketing campaign that included video and social media to reach voters and encourage participation at the polls.

We would like to add our appreciation of the outstanding work that the office continues to do to benefit all the voters in Collier County.

Cynthia Cromwell and Diana Walsh, League of Women Voters of Collier County

Trump, Denmark and ‘New Clothes’

In 1837, Danish author H. C. Anderson published his story “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The cautionary tale is about a group of tailors who purportedly made a suit for their emperor that was so light and fine it could not be seen by the ignorant or unworthy.

When the emperor wore this suit in front of his courtiers, all praised its beauty out of fear that saying otherwise would mark them as ignorant. Yet in fact, the emperor appeared before them naked.

But one day a little boy, in his innocence, saw the emperor and shouted, “The emperor has no clothes!” and the spell was broken.

For most of the last three weeks I was in Denmark. I was there when Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen rebuffed the bizarre Greenland purchase proposal from America’s would-be emperor.

She acted boldly, in contrast to the timid men and women who surround Donald Trump. They seem afraid to tell him about the realities or consequences of his ideas or provide opinions contrary to his own. They are as timorous as the courtiers of the fictional emperor. For a reason. Trump lashed out at the Danish prime minister when she quickly, bravely and honestly turned down his proposal.

Will those surrounding the American would-be emperor ever have the courage to tell him that many of his pronouncements are as far from reality as the new wardrobe of H. C. Anderson’s emperor?

Bruce A. Beardsley, Naples

In awe’ of Lorenzo Walker Tech

While planning a fundraiser for Lorenzo Walker Technical College as part of The Rotary Club of Naples Bay, I received a Cook’s tour of the college and was blown away by what I found.

As we were led from area to area by our guide, Bob, I found the facilities to be incredible. The range and quality of programs was not to be believed. The few faculty members I met seemed to really care about their students, and most eye-opening was the professionalism displayed by the students in the various programs.

I told Bob that I had attended some vo-tech classes. He said I was an old-timer, as LWTC had not been called that in ages. Realizing that I have only seen the tip of the iceberg, this old-timer is in awe of the college and expects even greater things in the future.

Christopher Pritchard, East Naples