Letters to the Editor, Sept. 6

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Support for investigating MIPD grows

I was happy to watch Marco Island's new police chief, Tracy Frazzano being sworn in at Monday’s City Council meeting. This is a welcome and needed change. Upon reading Omar Rodriguez Ortiz's article, posted on Sept. 4, I found it extremely humorous to see Bernie Greichen and Teri Sommerfeld quoted as Chief Frazzano's new-found fans, considering they might’ve had "Keep the Chief" signs in their yards and were huge cheerleaders for the Al Schettino regime.

Both of them attended the April 15th meeting and were part of the disorderly mob demanding that City Council "Keep the Chief." Both spoke during public comment defending Schettino and criticizing the city.

I was the only speaker that night that spoke in support of removing Al Schettino and called for an investigation of the abuse and corruption within the police department. I was interrupted, harassed and booed by Bernie Greichen, Teri Sommerfeld and their friends. 

I guess they are hoping that no one remembers their embarrassing behavior, but unfortunately for them, the meetings are recorded and preserved forever.

Sommerfeld's hypocrisy is especially brazen as she was quoted yesterday saying she believes Frazzano will be effective in identifying "the shenanigans that have been happening in the police department." Yet during her public comments on April 15, she defended these "shenanigans" and the bad actors behind them. She claimed the climate survey was "weaponized to accuse and discredit the chief" and was "embarrassed by the city council" for wanting to investigate.

Sommerfeld flip-flopped or is an opportunist, either way it’s nice to see she now agrees with me! 

Alex Popoff, Marco Island

‘Get Trump off his throne’

This is truly beyond my comprehension. Never did I ever imagine the president of my country — the country I always knew was the best place to live my life — would bring me to actual, literal tears.

With his constant attacks on Congress, his racism, bullying and incredible cruelty to others, he hurts my heart as well as my sensibilities.

Nearly every day he tweets another divisive, outrageous, racist statement meant to divide the country he should be uniting. This man should not beholding this position of power. How can the people we sent to Washington, D.C., to make better andlead our country contend

with his attacks on everything the United States of America stands for?

Republicans in Congress, do your duty and get Trump off his throne; or at the very least, show your human decency and control him by raising your voices and vote his evil self-interests down.

Our country can’t take much more of his amoral behavior.

Barb Nordberg, East Naples

Gracious young athletes

Talk about class personified. We just finished watching the U.S. Open tennis match between the No. 1 player in the world, grizzled veteran 21-year-old Naomi Osaka and teen phenom 15-year-old Coco Gauff.

Osaka won, as expected, but she showed more class than most people on the planet. At the end of the match, she insisted that Coco be interviewed along with herself.

Coco, also showing unbelievable class, said she would prefer not to because she didn’t want to take the spotlight away from Naomi.

Two very heartfelt interviews then took place.

One thing is for sure: The parents of both of these young ladies did an unreal job of raising them. They should be very proud.

Now, if we as a country can all emulate these two wonderful ladies, the country will be a better place.

Chuck and Mary Jane Bainbridge, East Naples

'Better or worse' now?

I have read quite a few letters bashing the president and very few praising him. I would like to know if all those who bash Trump are doing better or worse under his policies.

It seems that every time someone tells me how much they dislike Trump and I ask what is it about him they have a problem with, it's always he's not presidential.

Well, we had George Bush and Barack Obama and they were presidential. How good did regular people do under them. One got us into war and the other couldn't get the economy to 2% growth. The only thing Obama did in office was make himself rich.

This is a president who loves this country and wants the best for Americans. So unless you're ready to forgo the tax break you received and send extra money with your tax return, then you have no credibility, like Bernie Sanders when he was asked during a town hall discussion on Fox.

Unemployment at historic low, minority unemployment at historic low, female unemployment at historic low and workers' pay increasing for the first time in 25 years. Also, removing the USA from foreign wars.

The Democrats have nothing to run against Trump with.

Joe Arciere, East Naples

Police officer or ‘peace officer?’

I recently had an encounter with a very nice Collier County deputy on a road. I didn’t even notice his name. Later, I thought, with all the tension in society and colloquial influences swirling all around, maybe we should be consciously referring more to police/cops, as peace officers, and officers of the peace.

Maybe in a small and general way, this would help float a mindset and attitude all the way around.

By demeanor and professionalism, this guy was a peace officer, not an authoritarian figure.

Bill Kitsch, East Naples

Cone graphic helps before hurricanes

The cone is universally accepted as the format for projecting a storm’s probable path. It is the most effective graphic to educate residents on whether to evacuate or shelter in place.

Why is this vital safety alert not featured prominently by all weather services? Instead, it’s buried under gimmicks and details?

Bruce Allen, East Naples

'Destroyed by one man'

I was listening to the closing news conference for the G-7, and for a few moments President Trump sounded reasonable. Then it happened: self-aggrandizement, rich real estate friends making money in Iran, the clever and good dictator of North Korea, how wrong Obama and Kerry were, and on and on. I had to switch off.

I feel sad and helpless watching the goodness in this country being destroyed by one man intent on making the rich richer, hurting immigrants and political refugees, stirring up racism, wasting money on 'the wall,' taking away protections for wildlife and the environment to pander to big oil and other sources of money, creating massive deficits and trying to bully anyone or any institution (e.g. the Federal Reserve) that does not agree with him. He even is bullying allies (Denmark) and //other// countries (China).

I am almost 100 percent certain Fox News will not truthfully represent the full story, and half the country will continue to think Trump is great.

We are being led by the cable news cycle, have no cohesive strategies for improvement, and the brilliant people in the government departments are ignored or replaced by 'yes' men.

What can we do before worse things happen?

Martin Strasmore, East Naples