Letters to the Editor, Oct. 4

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Letters to the editor and editorial cartoons

According to Lisa Conley’s Naples Daily News article dated Nov. 10, 2016, Marco Island residents voted overwhelmingly for now President Donald J. Trump. The article goes on to detail with nearly 90 percent turnout, President Trump received 73 percent, while Clinton received approximately 23 percent.

The  Collier County results for the 2018 elections for state governor, senator and our U.S. representative again posted overwhelming victories for the Republican candidates, each of whom won with at least 65 percent of the vote.

My questions to the Marco Eagle are as follows:

In light of the above referenced voting statistics of this community, why do you continually print/post anti-Trump editorials and editorial cartoons, the vast majority of which are not from Marco Island residents?

Please advise when you posted, if ever a positive editorial cartoon in favor of President Trump.

Why do you continually supplement Marco Islander letters to the editor, with left leaning editorials from residents outside of this city such as East Naples and Golden Gate Estates?

Is this left leaning stance a result of The Marco Eagle being owned by the USA Today?

It sure would be refreshing to have the Marco Eagle reflect the views of the residents of this community, not the global interests of the main stream media.

David A. Crain, Marco Island

Safety should be number one priority in the Marco Senor Softball League

There is currently an intense debate within Marco’s Senior Softball League with respect to safety. The issue regards the use of a six foot high screened net to protect the pitcher from line drives up the middle.

Protective nets are common around the country in the senior softball circuit. Serious and even fatal injuries have occurred. Pitchers have been killed by being struck in the head. Pitchers have been killed by being struck in the chest. With the league admitting players as young as 55 years old, there are plenty of players with plenty of power. Several senior pitchers are in their 70s with slowing reflexes.

The league will be deciding soon whether or not to implement a safety screen. Safety is a no brainer in all sports, so let’s hope the league makes the right decision.

Charles Lamb, Marco Island

Golden Gate golf course

It is well known that in addition to the health and social benefits that golf provides, it is extremely beneficial for people who work in unrelentingly stressful public service occupations. Firemen, policemen, nurses and teachers need getaway time to unwind.

And let’s not forget waiters, bus drivers, industrial workers, and retired senior citizens who volunteer. Without them, life as we know it could not function.

Naples is known as a golf town, but this is true only for those who have deep pockets and can afford to play private courses. There is very little affordable public golf in Collier County for the rest of us, especially during the season, when those private courses willing to allow tee times for non-members, charge exorbitant rates, usually over $100 per round.

The Collier County Commission voted to purchase the Golden Gate golf course but then immediately closed it to play. It is being maintained, but its future is hanging in the balance. If you think golf is important to your health and emotional well-being, please let your views be known by

communicating with our five commissioners.

With the price of land in Collier County continuing to increase, what are the chances Golden Gate can ever be replaced, let alone in such a central location? Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Now is the time to do something about it.

Jill Drapcho, Golden Gate