Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

More coastal homes in jeopardy?

I am writing about the recent article about the iconic dome home just off Cape Romano near Marco Island.

Because the home has become submerged by the Gulf, it is now on state-owned land and the private owner of the domes will have to go through a permitting process to take any action on the home.

Having lived near the coast in Southwest Florida for the past 20 years, I have observed that there are many privately owned homes built close to the water. With the continually rising water levels, many of these homes face a fate similar to the domes’. If these homes are eventually going to be on state property as well, will the responsibility of cleanup fall to the state or the private owner?

If the homes are left to erode in the water, it will add to the many problems we are already facing with our oceans. I would love to see more of the community contacting their state representative to make sure these privately owned homes aren’t being allowed to erode into our waterways.

Kaylee Zuidema, Port St. Lucie

Too much development in Collier?

It's really great to watch the evening news while eating dinner and see the bears being killed on our roads.

Why? How much land clearing and building is the Naples are going to continue?

Enough! Our wildlife is being forced out. All of their habitats. How many apartments and condos and car storage buildings do we need?

This whole town is now Miami West. Congested and crowded. Our roads are becoming very dangerous. Deadly accidents on a daily basis.

Drivers are another story. Blinkers are unheard of here and rear-ending is another daily occurrence.

C'mon, stop already. People need to wake up. It's overwhelming.

BetteJo Perrone, East Naples

A crime in Ukraine call?

Republicans want us to believe what the president did with Ukraine is not an impeachable event. Ukraine got the arms.

The only analogy I can apply to this logic is: A robber walks into a bank with a mask on and yells, “This is a hold-up.” The alarms goes off and he runs away. To apply similar logic to this incident, there is no reason to arrest that person. He got no money and hurt no one. Thus all people in jail for attempting robbery and causing no damage should go free.

The president was caught only attempting a quid pro quo?

But the Republicans want us to miss the real impeachable offense. The president of the United States asked

a foreign government to meddle in our election process, and that would also result in personal gain. Against the law.

Robert Klein, Naples

Write to reps about red tide

This letter is a response to the Nov. 1 article by Karl Schneider in The News-Press regarding the increase of toxic red tide concentrations in Southwest Florida waters. I am writing to express my concern for the safety and well-being of Southwest Floridians as well as the welfare our local aquatic ecosystems.

Walking the pristine beaches of Collier County is one of my favorite hobbies. It has become apparently visible that detrimental concentrations of red tide have returned to our area. Within the past several weeks, respiratory irritation alongside numerous dead marine life is some of the most visible consequences that can be seen from the shoreline.

I encourage residents of Southwest Florida to contact their local environmental legislative bodies to express their concern for the health and safety of local residents and our aquatic ecosystems. By doing so, we can ensure that proper measures are taken to correct the damaging effects of red tide.

Viktor Tuparov, Naples