Letters to the Editor, Feb. 7

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

'Pelosi should be fired'

Nancy Pelosi should be fired for disrespect to the president of the United States.

Get over it, Nancy, you lost the election. Get on with the job that you were hired to do. Work together for our country. No more politics. When the power of love takes over the love of power, we will have peace.

Peggy Felice, East Naples

'Trump deserves to be censured'

Acquittal does not equal exoneration, no matter what Donald Trump says.

Now that the impeachment trial is over, Trump is surely going to say he has been exonerated, in spite of the evidence of his bad behavior.

Regardless of his level of guilt, Trump’s behavior deserves to be censured. Even Marco Rubio believes Trump was guilty, but Rubio felt impeachment would not be in America’s best interest.

Now that the trial is over, will any senator propose a censure? I hope so.

Alice Mountjoy, Naples

A president can’t be impeached?

Let’s examine a claim by the Fox/Trump crowd that there was no quid pro quo.

Except the Ukraine call transcript states “do us a favor, though.” Except White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said there was a “quid pro quo” with Ukraine. Except Ambassador Gordon Sondland, when asked under oath whether there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine, replied: “The answer is yes.” Except John Bolton reportedly said in his book that he was in a meeting with Trump when Trump talked about holding up military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an “investigation” into Joe Biden.

One of the weak arguments by Trump defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz and others is a crime is required for impeachment. But in 1998, Dershowitz said: “It certainly doesn’t have to be a crime if you have somebody who completely corrupts the office of president and who abuses trust and who poses great danger to our liberty. You don’t need a technical crime.”

Here’s the absurdity of the crime excuse. A president can’t be indicted (under current Justice Department policy — editor’s note), so he can’t be found guilty of a crime in a court. A crime is required for impeachment. Therefore, no president can be impeached. Brilliant. President Trump is now free to continue to commit crimes and can’t be impeached even if he shoots someone on Fifth Avenue.

Bill Linehan, East Naples

Check the record of the Ukraine call

I wonder if any of the readers who have written letters about this impeachment of the president have actually read the transcript of the phone call (between President Trump and the president of Ukraine — editor’s note).

If the call was so damming, why would Trump release it? (Editor’s note: Trump and the Ukrainian president discussed U.S. military aid and possible investigations into corruption in Ukraine, according to a released record of the call.) These letter writers just repeat the Democrats’ talking points. They should look at the Democratic Party and ask why they all vote the same way on everything. They are like puppets. When we send representatives to Washington, they should have enough brains to at lease think for themselves not be told how to vote on all matters brought in front of them.

Joe Arciere, East Naples