Letters to the Editor, Feb. 14

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

US turning into a ‘banana republic?’

Aren’t even you Trumpers disgusted to see our country turn into a banana republic? Just this week, Trump fired Lt. Col. Vindman and Ambassador Sondland for having the courage to testify honestly at the House impeachment inquiry?

On Tuesday, four career prosecutors resigned after Trump tweeted that the sentence proposed for Trump’s friend Roger Stone was unfair, even though Stone was convicted of lying to Congress to protect Trump. Stone was sentenced to seven to nine years for his crimes.

After Trump tweeted this sentence was unfair, the Justice Department under Attorney General William Barr, Trump’s ally, stated the sentence was unreasonable. At this point, the career prosecutors resigned. Does anyone sees this is as a normal development in a rational world?

Bill McMaster, East Naples

Editorial cartoon

Hospitals prepared for coronavirus?

Are our hospitals and ERs prepared if there is a coronavirus outbreak? Do they have the kits to test patients?

People laugh at my concerns, but we are living in a very small world. I know of a gentleman who is very healthy who has been plagued by a respiratory problem since he went to an international conference two weeks ago. He was told he could get tested for coronavirus for $1,000. I really pray he has only common pneumonia, especially since I saw him in person.

Michelle Kotarski, East Naples

Electoral College vs. popular vote

A letter published recently called the Electoral College “archaic.” Well, it is as old as our Constitution, but people should read the Federalist Papers. Our Constitution has served us well.

The letter writer’s next statement was even more wrong.

“I know of no other country that has such a law that negates the result of the popular vote,” he said.

Last October, Prime Minister Trudeau won another term after losing the popular vote. The Conservative Party won the popular vote but won fewer seats in Parliament.

In fact, every country with a parliament system can have the party that loses the popular vote win more seats and gain control.

Bill Keating, East Naples

‘Deranged’ v s. ‘deplorables?’

November’s election looks like it will be a contest

of the “deranged” vs. the “deplorables” — Democrats and Republicans, respectively — the former suffering emotional maladies and the latter the butt of elitist insults.

How did we get here?

An aggressive, conservative president confronted political swamp challenges: open immigration and sanctuary cities, one-sided NATO support, too much government, judicial one-sidedness, military adventurism, untenable trade imbalances, egregious ethnic unemployment and wage imbalances, divisive identity politics and political correctness, over-generous climate-related wealth transfers, a simplistically narrow and generous Iran-JPA agreement, ISIS expansion, and dysfunctional government schools.

The president sought to fix those challenges, and liberals went nuts.

Their reactions included anger and insults leading to hatred. In the face of such a broad presidential policy attack, the ever offended left responded even more aggressively, with found witnesses, Russian dossiers, FISA court abuses, a special counsel, leaked documents, secret testimonies and rushed legal proceedings.

Brad Taylor, Naples

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