Letters to the Editor, Feb. 25

Marco Eagle
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Petition drive is a ruse

I am one of many medical cannabis patients who live on Marco Island. I have a number of G.I. disorders and cardiovascular conditions along with incurable and rare gastroparesis and SMAS (Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome) that have left me disabled and nearly bedridden daily.

I am forced to be hooked up to a feeding tube 24/7 and IV fluids and meds thru my port 2-3 times a week. I’m so sick, I have a home healthcare team coming to my home three days a week. My diseases cause me to suffer from severe caloric malnutrition and dehydration. I have excruciating chronic pain, spasms and nausea.

Medical cannabis has helped me in so many ways. I depend on this medication to survive. It has replaced so many dangerous prescriptions I have had that caused terrible side effects and nearly killed me and left my stomach paralyzed.

I have spoken at City Council meetings about how much people like me are suffering in Marco Island because we do not have local access to a medical cannabis treatment center.

Planning Board member Ed Issler, ignoring the pleas of the sick and dying residents in the audience, both spoke and fought against medical cannabis being available on Marco Island.

Issler has continued his crusade against cannabis patients by starting a PAC with the stated intent of banning "recreation marijuana."

Issler is deceiving the voters of Marco Island. Issler is intimidating medical cannabis treatment centers from opening. I have an email which I will be sending to the media where Ed Issler lied and misrepresented our entire community. He made illegal and untenable threats like putting tolls on the bridge and restrictingthe constitutional rights of patients based on their zip code.

A thorough review of Issler's proposed ordinance exposes the true intent to ban medical cannabis along with a myriad of other legal deficiencies. His petition drive is a ruse and signatures are being obtained under false pretenses. Issler’s disdain for patients like me will not stop us from fighting. He is fighting because of hatred, but we are fighting for our lives.

Kerrie Grganto, Marco Island

Bicycling safety on Marco Island

I am a visitor on Marco Island for this month, and I am an avid road cyclist. I very much appreciate the well-marked bike lanes on the island. It is wonderful to see a large number of people riding bikes, both standard and e-bikes.

But the blatant abuse of sidewalks and ignoring of road rules by cyclists is disturbing. Clearly, there is little knowledge on the part of the cyclists regarding state laws for cyclists and where they are expected to ride.

I see people riding on narrow sidewalks when there are obvious, well-marked bike lanes. I see people riding the wrong way in bike lanes. I see people riding two abreast in a bike lane, and I see people riding two abreast in the middle of a driving lane, ignoring the bike lanes. I have met two people riding abreast on a sidewalk while walking the dog.

I do not know whether this behavior is just accepted or reflects the fact that these riders are renting bikes or using bikes from hotels, rental properties, etc. and are uninformed about cycling laws. But it is a dangerous and unacceptable practice.

Perhaps having the rental shops hand out rules of the road to renters and having the rules posted in busy locales might help improve safety for all.

R.J. Taylor, Grantham, N.H.

Class war? ‘We are at war anyway’

Bernie Sanders seems to be on a roll. So, I have been giving him some thought, even though he is not the top of my preferred candidate list. What I clearly hear him saying is:

z Everyone must pay a fair share in taxes:

z It’s the taxpayers’ money and we want it spent on us.

I like the message, but didn’t like it framed as economic class warfare. However, I concluded we are at war anyway. After three-plus years of “resistance,” our government is gutted, we have thousands of children incarcerated, immigrants held in inhumane conditions, the rule of law has failed, our standing in the world is diminished, our tax money lines profiteers’ pockets, and truth and integrity are optional.

Resistance didn’t work. Our “war” is to regain even the idea of the American dream.

I can’t disparage Sanders for framing it as economic class warfare when I think it’s more than that. If Sanders is the nominee, I will vote for him. The war is at the ballot box. I will vote for any of the candidates for the Democratic nomination. We need all our troops at the polls. I want my country back.

Gloria Garber, East Naples