Letters to the Editor, March 10

Marco Eagle
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Yacht club expansion?

I am alarmed to find that the Marco Island Yacht Club has resurrected a decade-old plan to expand into the Marco River.

Our water quality issues continue to worsen and this will add to the problem.

Where are the independent studies to measure this expansion's impact? While commerce is important, to trade our environment for the benefit of the one-tenth of the one-percenters is not in the best interest of our community.

Martin Wilhelm, Marco Island

Condo towers near beach

Stock Development is a reputable builder and developer that has built great homes in Collier Country for decades. As our county continues to grow significantly, the expectation of more homes is welcomed. However, Stock’s One Naples luxury mixed-use project proposed for just one block from Vanderbilt Beach does not fit the needs of the community in North Naples.

High-end projects make a lot of money for builders, but they continue to squeeze out our middle-class homeowners. I constantly hear from county officials who are concerned about clean water and overgrowth, yet they continue to approve these enormous projects. The end result is we quickly are losing our sense of community as we become a county of part-time renters.

If One Naples is approved, and I’m pretty sure it will, be prepared to see significantly more projects like this.

Let’s build for the needs of our taxpayers and longtime residents, not for those who don’t yet live here.

Mark Batchelor, East Naples

Not so Good Wheels?

Not surprised to hear Good Wheels transportation is out of business. The company needed better management and organization. I had the worst experiences being picked up and dropped off for doctor appointments.

Drivers' arrival times to pick me up sometimes were an hour late, causing me to miss my appointments.

Last trip I was left to wait after a doctor appointment for two hours. The driver then kept me in the van while she got gas, picked up and dropped off another fare on the other side of town, when she passed my house two times and I could have been dropped off. I saw no reason for me to be kept in the van all that time. There are other transport companies that are very accommodating and courteous.

Michael Caroselli, East Naples

Legislators letting residents down?

The legislative session last year ended with very few passed bills that address Floridians' community issues.

Instead, some laws imposed financial barriers for felons to restore their right to vote, made it hard for residents to challenge developers on proposed land use changes, and allowed teachers to carry guns.

A toll road was approved even though it would affect critical wetlands and endangered species habitat, and jeopardize the Everglades restoration.

A new trend of inefficiency and support for the corporate establishment has included limiting public participation, reducing home rule, and not solving water quality problems or global warming effects.

This year the legislative session is ending as another disappointment for advocates who are watching their representatives lean in favor of corporations and special interests. Tax giveaways, discrimination against LGBTQ residents, and bills manipulated to benefit vested interests, to mention a few, are infuriating community members and leaders, who are engaging more in the political process because they see the lack of effective action by the Legislature.

Solemi Hernandez, East Naples

Coronavirus and safe voting

It seems we need to consider a new platform for our election process. Due to the impact of the virus, precautions need to be added. Having lines of people placed together in one room seems both unsafe and unnecessary. Poll workers and the voters need added protection.

I use the absentee ballot. Perhaps others would consider this technique as well. You mail in your ballot and you do not have to go to the polls. You need to apply in advance for this option.

Masks and gloves should be provided for all the workers. The time for each shift should be limited in order to let them leave the building for fresh air.

Hand sprays should be available for the workers and the public.

I read in one location they even had drive-up voting. That seems like a great idea to help avoid crowds.

Just wondering: Is there any way that the whole system could be done by mail?

Perhaps publicizing some of these ideas now would help with advance planning for November.

These are just a few thoughts for the next election. What are your ideas?

Nancy Shuster, Naples