Letters to the Editor, March 13

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Proposed Naples senior center

I want to thank Mark Strain, chairman of the Collier County Planning Commission, for his insight into why the proposed Naples Senior Center site along a residential street will create a Pandora’s box for other residents in Golden Gate Estates.

The county spent time updating and developing the Golden Gate Area Master Plan and Urban Golden Gate Estates Future Land Use Map. This organization is asking to create a new sub-district 350 feet south of a major road for a 30,000-square-foot facility to service programs and activities for seniors living in Collier and south Lee counties.

If this proposal is approved by the Collier County Commission on April 14, it will set a precedent to convert residential urban low-density properties into commercial sites. Other areas in the Estates should be concerned that your street will experience the same fate. The size of the project is not consistent with a residential neighborhood to create its own sub-district.

Other non-profit organizations are on major roads in commercial activity centers. Why is the Naples Senior Center board not raising the money to buy already zoned commercial property? Do the fundraising and leave our stable residential neighborhood alone.

Pamela Storrar, Naples

Trump’s vocabulary ‘childish’

The insults will start flying at sonic speed now that Joe Biden looks like the Democratic candidate.

We’ll stop hearing commie Sanders and start hearing “Sleepy Joe.” Unlike our many other modern presidents, we now have a schoolyard president, not just in his childish insults but in his childish vocabulary. He called the coronavirus tests “beautiful” and the tests are all “perfect.” Just like his phone call to Ukraine.

Of course, just like the schoolyard bully, he’s all over Biden, picking at every little verbal slip he makes. Growing up in an inner city, I saw and had to deal with lots of bullies, and one thing I know is they all were hiding their frightening insecurities.

Richard Procopio, Naples

Incentives to build affordable homes

Collier County should not be held responsible to build affordable homes that are needed. Public housing requires considerable long-term expense after initial construction. In addition, nonprofit organizations have never been able to keep up with the total demand for affordable homes. New homes need to come from commercial builders.

There are many reasons why builders don’t focus on lower-priced homes. Their business model works well for more expensive single-family houses, so why change? They have little experience with multiple family homes, so risk is seen as higher.

The county code is perceived to hold them back from making a similar profit margin for affordable homes, compared to their current products.

The answer is to provide incentives for builders for projects with affordable units. Incentives can give a builder a reason to change. There are many incentives that have been implemented successfully in other Florida counties.

Examples of incentives would be allowing higher density per acre, impact fee help, sidewalk or parking requirements, etc. These changes should lead to a significant growth in the construction of new affordable homes, without a big giveaway that would be charged to taxpayers.

John Harney, Naples

Did you know?

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, nurses are the second largest group of licensed professionals in the United States. While laws vary depending on where nurses work, many nurses must have their licenses renewed at certain intervals.

State boards of nursing, sometimes referred to as "BONs," were established to oversee and assure the safe practice of nursing in an effort to protect the public's health.

Part of the responsibilities of a BON is to evaluate licensure applications, and some BONs, depending on the state laws, will handle license renewals as well.

The goal of license renewals is to ensure licensed nurses are up to date on the latest best practices and procedures. In addition, nurses who have not practiced in some time but want to return to practicing may need to take a refresher course to ensure they can still serve as competent nurses. In states where renewals are required, nurses who continue to practice without renewing their licenses may be subject to discipline.

Nurses are urged to stay abreast of the licensing laws where they practice and to contact their BON if they have any questions about the licensure process.