Letters to the Editor, April 10

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Easter sunrise shines hope

This Coronavirus moment has reshaped our island life by closing businesses, confining us to our homes, and creating conflict among us. It is easy to become frustrated, afraid, and hopeless. And yet, God made a daily reminder that gives us hope.

  1. God reminds us in the sunrise that seasons change, moments pass, and suffering subsides. We need not be frustrated by circumstances but find our peace in the God who created the sun and the moon and the stars, and He created you. Read Hebrews 13:8.
  2. God reminds us in the sunrise that while we may fear the darkness for its oppression, the light will shine again. That light warms us, gives us sight, and enables life. Read Psalm 27:1.
  3. God reminds us in the sunrise that even after the darkest night in human history, His Son rose. Every sunrise points to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and gives every person hope despite circumstances like viruses and confinement and even death! Read John 8:12.

I was scheduled to preach the Easter Sunrise service and that would have been a great privilege. This would have been the 32nd year of one of the largest beach services for Easter. We will still deliver an Easter Sunrise message on our Facebook page and at marcochurch.com this Sunday morning.

However, maybe God needed to get our attention in a different way this year and remind us that He made you, He wants you to have life, and that life is yours by believing in his risen Son, Jesus Christ!

Every morning is an Easter Sunrise!

Scott Kerens, Marco Presbyterian Church

Bewildered with decision

Dear Councilors, I am totally bewildered with decision to open our beach. I am a permanent resident of Marco and am concerned with the spreading of the virus on our island. We have sidewalks throughout the island and a wonderful park for residents who wish to walk outside. We do not need people coming to the island to use or walk on our beaches. 

How do you check that those walking the beach are free of the virus or are residents of the island? Do you have professional health care workers, properly attired, administer fever checks, questionnaires, or perhaps even swabbing those who chose to walk the beach? The whole idea is ludicrous give the present circumstances. We presently have six people who have tested positive for the virus.  Let’s do all we can to keep it at that!

Your job is to keep us safe so please do the job you elected to do.  Please follow the governors lead with this issue. Sincerely.

Suzanne Piro, Marco Island

[Editor’s note: According to a press release, the city manager reversed this decision on Wednesday.]

Restaurant family donating meals

In a time with such uncertainty and understanding, The Carvelli Restaurant Group is doing everything it can to keep our restaurant community together while standing six feet apart.

The Carvellis are donating daily meals to our employees and are providing meals to the Urgent Care on Marco Island and the police and fire stations to show their support.

We, your team, are proud and honored to be a part of the Marco Island community and your family. We look forward to being fully functional and once again opening doors to our guests.

Thank you, Carvelli family. Coming from a close Italian family from Mescora, Italy, the Carvelli clan is more than loving and caring for each other and their staff at The Snook inn, Davinci, The Oyster Society and Marco Prime. The mentality is “Arms wide open.”

Each individual is an important asset and is treated as if this were their home. No one goes unheard or uncared for. “La porta e’ sempre aperta” — the door is always open.

Each family member is bouncing between restaurants, checking in on everyone; it is inspiring, and what they are made of. It brings us together as a whole and will bring us back into the workforce stronger than ever.

Joanne Hilbert, Marco Island

Is vision wisdom

It’s a presidential election year. You really need both vision and wisdom to see all the optics, sound bites of unbridled emotions.

Media magicians are spinning just about everything at levels never seen before, no longer bothering with any pretense of civility. We should actually be grateful for this because the spinning is at such high levels, masks are now flying off. Its pure entertainment to watch phony pols and pundits once hiding unsightly ideological nakedness behind the lens of medial bias now forced to stand up in exposing light of the way it really is.

Regardless, one bleeds red, blue or whatever we all want to be treated with honesty and respect. Because anything else is a raw insult.

Government cannot force its will on the people if they have the right to defend themselves. Eventually, history shows every false narrative exposed. People due wake up to truth and to defend oneself and freedom from the shackles of despotism. If you are hindered in this right, all other rights are not worth the parchment printed on.

The second amendment was never about the right to defend oneself from person wanting to steal property or harm you, “it was about bad persons wanting to steal your freedom.” If we want to change the culture of violence, start with Hollywood, streaming videos, power hungry politicians with their own nefarious motives and educators who exploit our younger generation. Then we can deal with the epidemic of societal alienation to restore our collective sanity before it’s too late. We are at a last crossroad. Everyone with any sense knows it even for a brief moment. The clouds of prevarication and deception have parted. In this last chance political reality, there’s no going back after I say I do on the grounds of false advertising. Choose wisely people!

Walter Jaskiewicz, Marco Island