Letters to the Editor, June 12

Marco Eagle
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Irwin announces candidacy

Marco Island citizens, my name is Becky Irwin, and I am excited to announce that I am officially running for Marco Island City Council. My family first moved to Marco Island 39 years ago and I have deep roots here and a true love for our community.

Keeping our taxes low, protecting our environment and ensuring the Mackle Brothers’ vision for Marco are my first priorities.

I have served in countless leadership roles and local hands-on volunteer efforts on many boards and organizations over the past 25 years. I enjoyed a 20-year professional career as a non-profit executive, and I’ve been licensed by the state as a real estate professional since 2009.

It has been an honor serving on the city’s beautification committee for almost four years, as well as being appointed to serve on the citizen summit for the strategic plan for Marco Island's future.

A certified Florida Master Naturalist, my knowledge will be an asset to the council as we tackle environmental challenges going forward. In addition, I am state certified to be an inspector of Florida Stormwater Erosion and Sedimentation Control.

I look forward to meeting with islanders and hearing your concerns and especially your aspirations and dreams for the future of our island. I believe my unique perspective and experience will be important as we chart our path forward. I pledge to work with my fellow councilors with respect, professionalism, and dedication on every issue we face.

I am running for City Council to preserve our heritage and protect our future and I look forward to earning your support and your vote on Nov. 3.

Thank you!

Becky Irwin, Marco Island

An extravagant waste

After reading the endorsement of Jared Grifoni by Larry Honig, it seemed there was also a proposal to justify an increase in the salary of our councilors. I would contend that many citizens are not proud of certain aspects of and individuals associated with our government. Indeed, many citizens might consider $6,000 an extravagant waste.

Attributes of "remarkable and selfless service" would indicate altruism, but sometimes it appears accomplishments are magnified as with the starter burrow incentive program. He cannot like the owl bury his head in the sand for the Niblock debacle and resulting vote of no confidence. His outcome would have enabled an individual who made unwelcome advances on a woman remain as city manager.

The Mercer Group was critical of his leadership during a failed city manager search indicating there was an orchestrated attempt to steer the election towards a specific candidate.

I take issue with the statement Jared Grifoni "exemplifies the future of Marco Island in every respect" as petitions signed by registered voters as opposed to public comments from individuals not residing here do not support the sale of recreational marijuana.

It is difficult to consider the most recent flare-up on the dais by Jared Grifoni directed to Bill Greichen as "calm" and "steady." "Steel-eyed" can be complimentary but not when it is harsh or threatening.

Let me assure anyone reading this that I am aware that the views I have shared will not be accepted by all, but Larry Honig's endorsement might not produce the expected results either. Truthfully this is not a personal attack; it is an expression of freedom of speech which was a treasured belief of our founding fathers. 

Marco Island voters should enter the privacy of the voting booth and pray for discernment while remembering the record.

Regina L. Dayton, Marco Island

Checking on facts

Is there anyone in the current president’s administration is believable or truthful? On a Sunday talk show, Attorney General Barr claimed tear gas was not used to disperse the protesters in front of the White House. Yet, scientists noted that the pepper spray used caused the same effects as tear gas.

Yesterday, the administration’s press secretary McEnany in response to a question on the president’s view on Mitt Romney’s participation in a Black Lives Matter protest march noted that Romney got only 2% of the Black vote when he ran for president, while her boss got 8% of that vote. Actually, Romney got 4% of the Black vote and she never mentioned that Romney was running against Barrack Obama. She also didn’t mention why did 96% opposed Trump. Today, in another of his inane tweets claimed the 85 year old man was really not pushed down by the police in Buffalo, but rather slipped and fell down. I guess he didn’t see the same newscasts as everyone else.

Bill McMaster, Naples