Guest Commentary: Response – It’s about the people, not politics

Ken Drum
Committee Chairman, William Douglass for Collier County Commissioner District 1

Recently an opponent responded in this paper to his military record being attacked, by a financial contributor to our campaign, Ray Netherwood. The response mentioned William Douglass and his campaign team, consider this a response.

Mr. Douglass does not know nor has ever met Mr. Netherwood. No one on the campaign team has spoken to or coordinated with Mr. Netherwood in any respect. Although, we thank him for his support as we thank so many other supporters in District 1 and Collier County.

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Mr. Netherwood appears to be a veteran and has a right to express his personal opinions. Mr. Douglass supports the first amendment and will not censor anyone with respect to their opinions. The Douglass campaign will not be involved in the apparent dispute between Mr. Netherwood and this opponent regarding his military service record or his purported levels of experience, responsibilities, or outcomes in the military or in the private sector.  We sincerely thank and honor the service of all our military personnel. 

William Douglass

The campaign team is aware of the social media posts, along with various concerns from other citizens with respect to the opponent’s resume, specific to his employment history and omissions concerning the Arlington, Physicians Regional, Avow Hospice, and a local building company. Others seem concerned about his resume, we are not. We believe this election is about the people, not politics. We will continue to run a positive campaign focused on all of the people in District 1, not a resume that may or may not represent his true experience.

The voters have a decision to make on August 18. They can elect someone that has lived here seven years and held multiple jobs within that same time frame, or to elect someone that has a proven record, lived here 35 years and served the residents as a first responder for 30 years, both in East Naples and Marco Island. 

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Mr. Douglass has a commitment to the voters that includes fiscal responsibility and common-sense solutions not bureaucratic ones. As County Commissioner he will preserve our low tax rate, sustain our quality of life and safety, improve traffic flow, require smart growth and advocate for workforce, senior, and veteran housing.  He is committed to safeguarding our precious natural resources – clean water, clean air, and pristine coastlines.  He is committed to attracting and retaining local businesses to expand the tax base.

This election is about voting for a person who can listen to your concerns and make the best decisions for you.  The most important decision ever made by the County Commission is the decision that directly impacts you and your family’s quality of life and safety.  William Douglass is the only candidate with a proven, tested record of protecting your life, property, and safety for the past 30 years in this community!

“He does not preach what he practices till he has practiced what he preaches.”- Confucius