Letters to the Editor, July 3

Marco Eagle
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Upset with story

Dear Editor, I am writing a letter to you regarding the story you did on the message in a bottle (June 26). I have been a resident on Island for many years. I have watched it go from a beautiful protected paradise to a spring break nightmare. I believe everyone is welcome everywhere provided they respect and treat it like their home.

After almost 17 years of collecting garbage and rescuing our marine life and wildlife from the horrors of ingesting plastics, I am upset with the story not from the humanitarian point but because of the results this could put out to other children. 

We are frayed and constantly to get the garbage and plastic off our beaches and to promote the story will promote more plastic in the water. It was a wonderful story, but I think you need to run another story that takes into consideration the damage and consequences that this does to our marine life.

It’s hard enough to make people responsible for their garbage and their behavior on the beach, but more so I don’t know waters what’s going on in this day and age is horrible there’s no respect no consideration and no compassion.

I feel I need to be a voice for somebody or something these animals were here before us. They’ve allowed us to enjoy and embark on their beautiful habitat but, yet we continually abuse and miss treat this beautiful Island and everything on it.

Roxanne Franze, Marco Island

It would be beneath her, so I will

Councilor Roman has chosen not to seek reelection but will remain on the SFWMD. It would be beneath her to cite the betrayal of her colleagues who vindictively blocked her appointment as chair for her vote of no confidence in Vice-chair Grifoni, so I will. It would be beneath her to raise competency and ethical issues that make it impossible for her to continue to be associated with our dysfunctional council, so I will.

Chair Brechnitz is defending a First Amendment violation lawsuit. Vice-Chair Grifoni had a Florida Bar complaint dismissed noting a court of competent jurisdiction would have to determine if laws were violated regarding his handling of the Niblock travesty.

Councilor Honig had a Florida Elections Commission complaint dismissed as it was deemed legally insufficient regarding his Marco politics website.

Councilor Rios has a complaint of ballot fraud still being reviewed by the FDLE. 

I've taken part in most of these actions to demand accountability and professionally. Public servants are role models; why would an individual like Roman want to be connected with such wrongdoing when her entire life has been based on duty and honor.

Surely Councilor Roman is not a perfect person, but neither is she so tainted. Please consider if current candidates are ego-driven and running to be something or like Councilor Roman who ran to contribute something. Sincerely when votes are counted to indicate who won we must remind ourselves of who we lost.

The Book of Job contemplates why the good are afflicted while the wicked prosper but admonishes us to always trust God. The following quote, Job 22:28, is my thank you to Councilor Roman: "You will succeed in whatever you choose to do, and light will shine on the road ahead of you."

Regina L. Dayton, Marco Island

Marco Island water quality issues

It’s encouraging to see sufficient candidates on the ballot for Marco Island Council that we’ll require an election. Candidates are working hard to stand out and differentiate their positions, and I thank you all for putting your names forward.

Among the many issues with which Council will be confronted during the next four years, in my opinion, none is more important than Marco’s water quality; both environmentally and the potential financial consequences.

Readers may be aware that some canals on Marco are tested once each month, and in almost every month the waters throughout the measured sites give results that indicate two key plant nutrients, nitrogen and total phosphorous, routinely exceed levels deemed acceptable by Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection (FDEP). These nutrient levels are both sufficiently high and chronically in excess of regulatory standards that the canals are deemed ‘impaired’ by that agency.

This particularly matters now because of Senate Bill 712, which passed in Tallahassee in the 2020 session. Among other things, this broadens enforcement powers for FDEP and the legislature’s expectations. This is bad news for the complacent, and ultimately could be bad news for the taxpayers of Marco Island.

My plea to the candidates comprises several requests. If you are unfamiliar with our water issues, remedy that. If you are unfamiliar with the term “TMDL”, then become so, because you’re going to need to know. If you don’t understand what the City, through both Council and staff is doing about existing known problems, then remedy that too. How are they responding to the regulatory agencies, what are the plans for water testing going forward? What information in the long-awaited report commissioned by the City will inform the processes that may be required for remediation?

I appreciate your hard work and willingness to lead Marco through the next election cycle.

Andrew Tyler, Marco Island