Letters to the Editor, July 17

Marco Eagle
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My mask protects you, why won’t you protect me?

As we all know, the number of coronavirus cases is skyrocketing in Florida. The best we have right now is to stay 6 ft. apart, avoid large crowds and wear a mask.

I called 25 restaurants on Marco asking if their wait staff was wearing masks. The good news is that 19 said yes and that tables are spread apart. 

Thank you to the restaurants that care about their customers and shame on those who can’t go the extra mile for safety regardless of the CDC guidelines.

Judy Sacher, Marco Island

Check ballot address

Mail-in voters, check your ballot destination.

My husband and I sent in registration for mail-in ballots at the same time. I had a surprise when I went to the county Supervisor of Elections website, www.CollierVotes.com. I found I had the correct address for my mail-in vote. My husband did not. Possibly an error on our part?

Rochelle Fogg, Marco Island

‘Rescind invitation’ for GOP convention

The giddy, self-centered governor of Florida extended an invitation to the coronavirus to attend a GOP party in Jacksonville in August. He has extended it to 80,000-plus people to wave and cheer the nominee of the Republican Party.

Gov. DeSantis preens. What promise it brings to his career as a Trump sycophant.

But what of us, the Floridians who will be exposed to COVID-19 coming to our state from the other 49? What kind of a petri dish will he be stirring in Jacksonville?

The state opened early. The numbers here are not showing any promise of rapid abatement but just the opposite. We are in a pandemic. Aug. 27 is just six weeks away. The virus doesn’t have a timetable, nor will it respect or protect the GOP’s delegates. Their gift to us will be the virus.

Mr. DeSantis, we are an older population here in our state. Please rescind your invitation to the virus. We do not want the GOP convention here.

Barbara Levatich, East Naples

Get a national plan'

'Nero fiddled while Rome burned.'

Almost 2,000 years later, many of us have learned nothing.

It's really hard to decipher the game plan from Tweedledee and Tweedledumb to open our country and Florida. We all want to open the economy, schools and houses of worship, but we need a plan to do it safely. There is no plan!

It's more than crazy to have every municipality, county and state going with their own plan to open safely. Where is our national and state leadership? What the heck is going on in America now? We are in a pandemic, act responsibly and save lives. We need a national strategy, not a disjointed non-strategy of everyone doing their own thing. Get a damn national plan before a lot more people die needlessly.

Eric Feinstein, Naples

No mask, no entry?

The COVID-19 numbers are skyrocketing in our state. Most of the major food outlets are reporting that employees are testing positive. Since our governor refuses to mandate the wearing of masks, it's time for business owners to take a stand to protect their staffs and customers: Do not allow anyone not wearing a mask to enter your premises.

Simple. Effective. Life-saving.

Nina Mold, East Naples

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