Letters to the Editor, Sept. 1

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

‘Extend the mask mandate’

The mask mandate for Collier County is set to expire Sept. 3 unless the County Commission extends it. Why have we heard nothing about this extension?

It appears that the mask mandate has made a difference in reducing the spread of the coronavirus in Collier County. I see almost everyone wearing a mask in the grocery stores where I shop, which makes me feel better about going out to shop.

If this commission wants to maintain this progress, as well as support the mask mandate in the county’s public schools, the commission will vote to extend the (countywide) mask mandate before it expires next week.

Please do not pretend the virus is gone and that life can go back to normal. With schools set to open, flu season coming and snowbirds returning soon, it would be a huge mistake to let our guard down now. Keep up the progress we’ve made and extend the mask mandate in Collier County.

Barbara Owen, East Naples

A demand but no plan for schools

I understand why parents want their children back in school, but why did Trump demand schools reopen, while threatening to withhold federal funding to jurisdictions that don’t?

Trump laid out no plan for reopening schools and even claimed the CDC’s recommendations were too “expensive.” Really?

He ignored major spikes in the epidemic in most states as the total number across the country were around 50,000 positive tests in (early July) days.

Once again, our so-called leader pushed forward without a plan. I hope he has one for January when he joins the ranks of the unemployed.

Bill McMaster, East Naples

Do it for doctors and nurses

Please wear your masks. Yes, they are uncomfortable but not as bad as COVID-19. Just think of the doctors and nurses working 12-hour shifts to take care of you. It is not about you; it is about us.

Margaret Felice, East Naples

Grant aids Friends of Rookery Bay

When the COVID virus took its toll on our business community, nonprofit organizations such the Friends of Rookery Bay were not spared. We joined a long list of charities that had to curtail their service to the community in light of rapidly declining revenue.

As we struggle to regain our financial footing, there is one unsung champion that came to our aid: the Community Foundation of Collier County. The foundation awarded the Friends of Rookery Bay a $10,000 general operating support grant — one of many that were distributed to nonprofit organizations around the county.

The support in such an emergency is incredibly significant in assuring that organizations such as the Friends of Rookery Bay will survive this crisis and live on to protect the environment and provide the education and research to keep our county great.

The foundation’s generosity asserts the importance of its role in the community. Together, the foundation and all its member nonprofit groups form a powerful team in addressing the unmet needs of Naples and Collier County.

On behalf of the board of directors of the Friends of Rookery Bay, its staff and its hundreds of members and volunteers, I thank the Community Foundation of Collier County.

(From the president of the Friends of Rookery Bay board.)

Tom Marquardt, East Naples

Your diagnosis, Dr. DeSantis?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had been a little concerned about the health care system in the USA. I’m pleased to see my concerns were completely ridiculous. I had no idea so many of our public servants were so well versed in health care procedures.

They have certainly stepped up and outlined symptomology, various treatments and how to safely go about our daily lives. It gives me great faith in our political leaders. Actually, I have my annual physical coming up in September. I’ve been thinking I might just forward my blood test results to Gov. DeSantis and get his opinion. He seems to be very knowledgeable about physiology.

Jeff Collignon, Naples