Letters to the Editor, Sept. 18

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Short-term rentals – once again

We all recognize that there is a problem with unruly behavior of some short-term rentals, especially in our residential neighborhoods. And, that the state has limited actions a city can take that would interfere with a landlord’s ability to rent their property.

However, I do not believe that there is anything that would prohibit a city from requiring a landlord from notifying a tenant of the city’s rules and requirements that apply to housing.

This can done by having all landlords provide tenants with a copy of the city's specified rules, document the tenants legal address, and get a signed agreement indicating receipt of the rules, a willingness to comply, or to pay fines and any collection fees. And, fine the landlord if they can't produce a signed agreement.

 All the City would have to do is create an easily understood non-legalize document for the landlords to provide (along with the rental agreements) and the police to enforce.

Such an ordinance would be a service to prospective tenants since they would be able to avoid unintentional confrontations with neighbors and city police. And, it probably would encourage rentals since most renters probably do want unruly behavior next to them anymore than our residents.

A proposed ordinance has been submitted to city council, the city manager and the task force. You can obtain a copy by contacting the City of Marco Island.

William Flasche, Marco Island

It is crowded

Obviously, Councilman Reed has never been to the Farmers’ Market, when he said he rarely gets within 6’ of another person. It is crowded, people hover around the produce and the area to pay. In many areas there are long lines and these people sure aren’t 6’ apart.

Anthony Riviezzo, Marco Island

Support Jared Grifoni

Jared Grifoni is a demonstrated and true rock-solid fiscal conservative who believes in limited government. Over the past four years he has proven himself to that fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

Jared has never voted to raise taxes and, in fact, voted to reduce the property tax rate every single year and authored the cut of the local communications services tax by 60%! 

I am a conservative Republican and I believe that individuals and businesses do better with their money than wasteful government. After years of disappointing “fake conservatives” on the City Council who said one thing and did another, Jared Grifoni has delivered.

During these difficult times, we need now more than ever people in local government who will protect our rights and liberties while keeping government small and taxes low. I trust Jared 100% because he has proven it during his four years on council.

Please vote for Jared Grifoni! 

Lucky Lang, Marco Island

Support Rich Blonna

I have known Rich Blonna for many years and have spent hundreds of hours speaking with him about a variety of local topics such as water quality, the green environment and Marco’s small town atmosphere. 

I find Rich to be well spoken and very willing to listen to opposing views with an open mind and no preconceived decisions. He has a quiet demeanor, is easy to get along with, and works hard to find common ground without being abrasive.  I support Rich Blonna for Marco Island city council because I believe his calm and thoughtful approach will be a valuable addition to city council. I know he cares about the future of Marco Island and is well versed on the issues we are facing. He has been a regular attendee at the city council meetings for years and his ideas and feedback during public comment are always concise and well thought out.

I believe Rich will listen to all people and do the right thing for the long term benefit of Marco. I hope you consider reaching out to Rich to discuss his ideas and solutions. He is very accessible and approachable. His website is www.RichBlonna.com

Kirk Otto, Marco island

Vote Grifoni

This November we will not only be voting for president of the United States but our local government as well in the upcoming Marco Island City Council election. There are five candidates currently running and in this new COVID-19 world and many of the decisions these local leaders make affect our lives and community with tremendous impact. 

Jared Grifoni has done a wonderful job leading Marco Island to good times in amazing growth and new development. In the bad times, during the COVID disaster as well as with Hurricane Irma, Jared made the right decisions to keep us safe without trampling our rights. Jared has been the backbone of the right decisions that the Marco Island Council has made for the past 4 years. Thank you for your great service to our community. 

Jared Grifoni is running for reelection against four others who have never run before or served our community. Grifoni has demonstrated a thoughtful dedication to our community over the last four years, unlike any other Councilor I've seen since I’ve been on Marco Island. Grifoni has also delivered on his pledges as a limited government fiscal conservative and constitutionalist (which is why I voted for him last time). Jared got a record number of votes in 2016 and I bet he’ll crush the record this time around as well. 

Marco Island is blessed to have Jared Grifoni for another four years, but what about the other three spots? I will not vote for a candidate who runs a negative campaign, so I’ve already crossed two names off my list leaving only three. My prediction is Grifoni wins in a landslide followed by huge wins by Becky Irwin and Rich Blonna, respectively. Marco made the right choice electing Grifoni in 2016 and everyone can see the improvements happening all around.  Let's keep that progress, momentum, and flow going in the right direction with leaders that actually care about Marco Island and have dedicated their lives to its success.

God Bless America and Marco Island. During these troubled times, we need even greater leaders. Grifoni, Irwin, and Blonna are the cream of the crop.

Adam Urban Wynns, Marco Island

Wait for the debates

Since 1976, each presidential election has featured a series of presidential debates. For whatever reason, the first presidential debate will not take place until Sept. 29, after at least eight states in our great country begin early voting.

Since this particular presidential election is of great significance, I implore you, as a citizen of the USA, to wait to cast your vote until you hear the presidential debates. There will be three — Sept. 29, Oct. 15 and Oct. 22 and on Oct. 7, the vice presidents will debate.

It is the duty of each and every one of us to consider the platform on which both political parties are running, how each candidate addresses the current issues facing our nation, as well as their views on many other topics such as border security, foreign policy, healthcare, taxation, to name just a few.

Patti LoGrippo, Naples

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