Letters to the Editor, Oct. 2

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Do your job

How many more will the Marco City Council need to have die before they do their job?

As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, during my time on City Council, I always felt that our number one responsibility was the safety and welfare of the citizens of Marco Island. While my national politics are in the minority as it pertains to the majority of Marco Island, it’s been my experience within my own social circle that most support the CDC’s recommendations to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 such as social distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding large groups.

Governor DeSantis just lifted virtually all restrictions regarding COVID, however his order did allow local governments to keep their orders in place. In Collier County this means that the unincorporated areas (everywhere but Naples, Marco Island, and Goodland) must follow the County Commissioners ruling that the mask order would remain in place at least until Oct. 22.  When the Commissioners first passed the mask ordinance the Marco Island City Council chose, unlike Naples, to “opt-out” and not require masks.

The CDC’s recommendation is that if the area’s spread of disease is less than five percent, than opening things up is okay, however Florida, as of yesterday, is in excess of 10 percent. Further, with flu season upon us and the unknown of whether or not there might be a second surge of COVID infections, it is entirely possible that we will see the number of positive infections (and deaths) continue to increase.

Keeping our citizenry safe is not and should not be a political issue; rather, it is a simple health and safety issue. There are five candidates running for City Council; I sincerely hope that when the council candidate’s forum is held on Oct. 7 that all of the candidates support Marco’s City Council showing that they care about us and indicate their support both now and, if the numbers continue to increase, in the future, that they will support a mask mandate.

Larry Sacher, Marco Island

Voting is ‘a simple process’

To register to vote: It’s a simple process. Communicate with the Supervisor of Elections Office and request to be registered. (The deadline to register for the Nov. 3 general election is Oct. 5). Communicate with the Supervisor of Elections Office and request an absentee ballot. At the time of your request, you will need to verify your name, address and very limited information.

To vote in person: When the polling place where you are registered to vote is open, go in with proper Identification as required and vote.

If you have any questions: Do not wait until the last moment. Call your Supervisor of Elections Office now.

Your vote is important. I will not tell you to vote for one candidate or another. I just request that you exercise your right to vote.

Wayne A. Waldack, Marco Island

My support

I have been a resident of Marco Island since 1982 and seen the many changes this island has gone through in my 38 years here. I am very happy with the leadership Councilman Jared Grifoni has displayed in his four years by fostering continued growth of our island’s businesses and residents.

Councilman Grifoni responds to all emails and questions right away and tries to put people at ease during difficult times like we had this past year with the COVID-19 pandemic. He understands the balanced roles that make up our community including our residents, small businesses and tourism. He is also striving to ensure Marco Island is a family friendly place to raise children which is important to me as I have two grandchildren that live here on Marco.

I am also supporting Becky Irwin and Richard Blonna for City Council who, in my opinion, share his same views as he does to move this city forward ensuring our taxes stay low but maintaining proper staffing in our local government.

Maria Schilke, Marco Island

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Editorial cartoon