Letters to the Editor, Oct. 9

Marco Eagle
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Supports Grifoni

I’m a Marco Island property owner since 1989 and current seasonal resident and supporter of Jared Grifoni, for re-election as Marco Island councilman.

Since his election to his current post on the Marco Island Council in 2016, Jared has served as vice chair and delivered on his platform promises for the following.

  • Fiscal prudence
  • Limited governance
  • Citizens rights protection
  • Support of local civic and sports groups

As a small business owner and family man, Jared has represented the values and aspirations of our beautiful island city. In addition, given an opportunity to continue to serve, Jared will continue to deliver on his promise, for many more years to come.

Manuel Fernadez, Marco Island

Communication is key

I believe that communication with citizens is one of the most important jobs and responsibilities that a local elected official has. When trying to communicate about issues or concerns with our City Council, I can say that Jared Grifoni has always done his job.

Jared has gone above and beyond either to get me the correct answer to help solve the problem or to show common courtesy and acknowledge and explain the issue. Whenever I’ve needed to contact a City Councilor, Jared is the first one to respond.

Whether my concern was a small or a large one, it didn’t matter. If it was during the day or at night, it didn’t matter. If it was over email or phone call, it didn’t matter. Jared Grifoni takes his position seriously and he has earned my full support and my vote this election.

TJ Ferguson, Marco Island

‘He jeopardized everyone’s safety’

Trump disregarded safety protocols; he jeopardized everyone’s safety. Campaign events took place with no masks, no social distancing. Trump, some Republican lawmakers, administration and campaign officials have the virus. The Trump campaign is now compromised.

Trump has no policy to limit the spread of the virus. He crippled CDC, state and local governmental efforts to implement safety guidelines for the public. He fought efforts to mandate mask wearing. He pushed to open businesses and schools.

Americans, feeling unsafe, limit travel, recreation, economic activity. Businesses are closing, unemployment is quite high.

The Biden campaign has campaigned following CDC guidelines. Joe Biden is able to continue campaigning as planned. His economic policy is that the U.S. cannot open safely and productively without containing the virus. He proposes national protocols to limit the spread of the virus, plus funding for schools and businesses so they can open safely, successfully.

Trump’s cavalier disregard for science and the safety of the American people has compromised his own health, that of his supporters, harmed his own campaign and hurt our economy.

Biden continues to campaign, protecting himself and his supporters. He has

proposed policies to contain the virus and bring back our economy. The choice is clear.

Judy Freiberg, East Naples

$15 minimum wage would be ‘catastrophic’

Amendment 2, which would force incremental increases to reach a $15 minimum wage, would be catastrophic to Florida’s small businesses, already on life support due to the devastating COVID lockdowns.

Unlike legislation that could be tweaked easily if circumstances change in our economy, Amendment 2 would become a constitutional amendment and thus nearly impossible to change.

Wage hikes to an arbitrary $15 an hour have been death knells to restaurants and other small businesses in places such as Seattle and New York City. Sure, mega-corporations such as Walmart can automate to deflect the costs, but not a small family business on the corner.

The wage increases also would affect young people and others entering the workplace with little or no skills and otherwise unable to get a foot in the door to start their careers.

John Morgan* talks about “compassion,” but what about compassion for the massive number of family businesses facing closure due to the coronavirus and entry-level workers who will never get a job or lose the one they have because of his leftist constitutional change to $15 an hour?

Kathy Lowers, Golden Gate Estates

[Editor’s note: Orlando attorney John Morgan helped fund a petition drive to put the proposed wage increase on Florida’s ballots, according to Florida Today and other newspapers in the state.]