Letters to the Editor, Oct. 14

Marco Eagle
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Why you should vote for Becky Irwin

I have lived on Marco Island for 52 years and have been involved with the City of Marco since inception. In fact, I was the moderator at the first candidates’ forum held at the Marriott Hotel, when there were over 30 candidates running to be on that first council.

Over the years I have learned what it takes to be effective on our City Council and for the following reasons I am supporting Becky Irwin:

She has a deep knowledge and love for the island. Since her family first moved to the Island in 1981, Becky has appreciated our history and continues to learn more about it by volunteering at the Marco Island Historical Museum. In addition, her achievements in becoming a certified Florida master naturalist and stormwater specialist evidences her respect for our unique environment, something that we should all be vigilant in protecting.

Becky has proven her interest in city governance by serving on our beautification committee and being part of the recent citizens summit for our 20-year strategic plan. She is a fiscal conservative and understands that not all Marco Islanders can afford ever increasing taxes. After all, the original reason citizens voted for incorporation was the promise of limited, but effective government.

Becky, as a working professional on the island, understands our local business community, while also interacting daily with island residents and understanding their needs – skills critical to building a unified community.

The keys to her success are her enthusiasm, energy, and ability to build consensus while working together with others to achieve what is best for Marco. We need to support council members with these qualities, putting the divisiveness and conflicts of the past behind us. I am excited that she is running and urge you and your friends to support and vote for Becky Irwin for the Marco Island City Council.

Craig R. Woodward

Vote Grifoni

I was so glad to see the recent Marco Island City Council debate featuring all of the candidates. The debate was well-run with a lot of interesting questions important to us full-time Marco Island residents. It was clear to me that Jared Grifoni is the most experienced and knowledgeable candidate who participated.

His leadership and experience will be much needed on the council with all the new members who will join him. I was also impressed with both Rich Blonna and Becky Irwin who are running for the first time.

Grifoni, Blonna and Irwin are the clear top three this cycle with their positive drive to help make Marco Island the best possible place to live. That is the right vision that I can get behind and enthusiastically support. I will be voting only those three candidates on Nov. 3.

Laura Lang, Marco Island

A vote for McFadden for legislature

As a young resident, independent and relative of a fishing captain, I’m voting for Sara McFadden (a Democrat for state representative in House District 106), someone who understands that clean waters mean a booming economy.

She has been endorsed by former Lee County Commissioner Ray Judah, a Republican, because clean water doesn’t care about party lines. We have watched as our neighbors to the north dealt with algae blooms and devastating wildlife losses. If this happened on Marco Island, many of our captains and fishermen would be in trouble.

We must hold polluters of our waters accountable. Sara McFadden is the one to do it.

Vanessa Grisko, Marco Island

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