Letters to the Editor, Oct. 27

Marco Eagle
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Marco Island needs Jared Grifoni

As Nov. 3 is looming and “We The People” face one of the most important elections our nation has ever seen, God willing, our country will ultimately unite and prevail. With that being said, take a deep breath and relax, I’m not going to write about the presidential election but rather an amazing friend, father and leader on Marco Island. 

As a former Marco Island city councilor and chairman, I’ve heard it said many times, municipal politics are the front lines of politics. Marco Island is an anomaly because it is literally paradise; not because the politics can be vile. The front lines are never a fun place to be and making difficult decisions is never an easy task. Making decisions that affect ones neighbors rarely wins popularity contests. Monday Night at the Fights is not a cage fight on Marco Island; it’s when adults show up at a council meeting prepared to discuss one agenda item and “straighten out” the council.

While Jared Grifoni was completing his J.D. I was serving as chairman of the Marco Island City Council during the Septic Tank Replacement Program (STRP), a very challenging time for council, staff and residents; we couldn’t agree on anything. I can’t help but think how much of an asset Jared Grifoni would have been during those tumultuous times; Jared is the voice of reason, the calm Gulf breeze and gentle waves rolling onto the beach. Jared’s reasonable, educated approach to difficult agenda items should be a lesson to us all. Screaming voices fall on deaf ears while the soft voice is heard loud and clear. Jared speaks softly but does his due diligence before he speaks. He considers his vote carefully and selflessly. 

On Nov. 3, remember that “We The People” don’t live in a Democracy; we live in a Representative Republic. Marco Island needs Jared Grifoni on City Council to represent them; the council needs his cool demeanor and his polished leadership. I pray that after Jared gets sworn in he is nominated for chairman and accepts. The council has been in dire need of leadership. Sadly, Roberts Rules of Order have been lost somewhere over the last 10 years. As a father, husband and attorney, Jared will bring honor, dignity and decorum back to the Marco Island City Council.

Robert Popoff, Naples

Vote Grifoni!

In 2016, I supported Jared Grifoni in his bid for election. I believed we needed a change on City Council and someone that not only says they are conservative but who actually has a track record of fighting for taxpayers.

I believed that Jared Grifoni would work hard for Marco Island’s best interests and that our city needed a man of action that means what he says and stands by his words. The last four years have proven beyond any doubt that I made the right choice in 2016.

Jared has delivered on all of his pledges to the citizens of Marco Island. Jared has consistently fought for taxpayers every single time, and has been the hardest working and most publicly available and accessible Councilor quite possibly in our city’s history. Jared’s track record of being able to propose or support an issue and then work to get it done (not just talk about it) has made him the most effective Councilor since I’ve been on Marco Island.

When I go to vote on Nov. 3, I know that I am once again that I will support Jared Grifoni and that I will be joined by thousands of other Marco Island voters who are also standing behind this dedicated public servant. Vote Grifoni!

Joshua Skinner, Marco Island 

A question for Trump

If I could ask President Trump a question, it would be: Mr. President, this

coronavirus has prevented me from going to movie theaters and restaurants. I even had to stop playing my favorite sport, tennis. When are you going to stop spreading this deadly virus, which has killed over 200,000 in the U.S.?

Mukhtar Ali, Marco Island

Trump, the truth and tactics

For a while now, I’ve noticed a pattern in conversations with my fellow anti-Trumpers. They find the man revolting but cling to an image of him the evidence belies. They see him as an evil genius with a devilishly clever strategy to undermine all that’s good here in the land of the free.

In actuality, the man clearly lacks the intelligence and capacity to focus required by strategic thinking. With apologies to rocks, he’s dumber than a sackful.

Lately, though, I have had to acknowledge one consistent tactic in his public behavior. The man is the consummate “double and triple downer.” He picks an obvious lie and tells it bigger, better and with more superlatives than the original. Recently, his doctors have twisted themselves into verbal knots to obscure the details of his illness. Everyone with a TV knows that. Has he kept quiet about their obvious obfuscations and hoped no one would notice. Of course not. He has claimed that his doctors have been the most transparent in the history of medicine.

It’s quite a tactic: Negate the obvious by insisting on its obverse as loudly and repetitively as possible and do it in superlative language. It doesn’t only challenge a particular truth; it questions, in its blatant wrongness, the existence of the thing.

So what’s at stake in the coming election? Lots of things, and here’s a big one: It’s that little thing a wise man once said would set us free. Do I really need to name it here.

Geremy Spampinato, East Naples