Letters to the Editor, Nov. 3

Marco Eagle
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Takes council to task on masks

I hope our next City Council can hear better than our current one. Almost 228,000 people dead from COVID-19 as of today; more than 500 million sick; virtually every medical person with training in decease and viruses continue to repeat the same mantra – we can help stop the spread by wearing masks, exercising social distancing, washing hands, etc.

The Collier County Commissioners, despite the embarrassing display by Donna Fiala's refusal to even wear a mask at meeting, were wise enough to hear the message and extend the mask and other CDC guidelines until next April, yet because Marco Island is a city, we are exempt and can only participate if our City Council voluntarily chooses to opt-in to the ruling.  The existing Council continually refuses to ignore the science and have done nothing to perform their #1 duty – protect the safety of our citizens –by opting-in.

It's great to see the majority of people at the grocery stores wearing masks, yet I see so many groups entering restaurants without masks. Frankly, I don't care if you want to get sick and possibly die, but I don't want too and you have a responsibility to me to protect me just as much as I try to protect you.

This is not political; our current national administration doesn't want to deal with this problem which isn't going to "one day just go away".  Rather, it takes effort and our City Council can aid that effort tremendously by doing two things: (1) opt-in to the County mandate and (2) require that the mandate apply to the upcoming start of the Farmer's Market.

Larry Sacher, Marco Island

Supports Grifoni

I've had the pleasure of knowing Jared Grifoni and his family for many years. When he ran for City Council in 2016, I knew he would give the job the attention it deserved, would always come prepared, and would put our citizens first. Jared Grifoni has been there for Marco Island whenever he was needed over the last four years.

He's fought to successfully cut taxes, to intelligently prioritize our city budget, to improve and maintain our local athletic fields and equipment, and he has advanced innovative solutions to protect our island wildlife and environment. Jared is a true community leader for both Marco Island's current and future generations because he focuses on action, not talk. 

I know he'll continue his fiscally conservative and community-first work over his next four years. Today is Election Day and if you haven't already cast your ballot by mail or during Early Voting, make sure you head to your local precinct before 7pm and join me and many others across Marco Island in supporting Jared Grifoni for Marco Island City Council. Our city and our city council need Jared's leadership.

Miranda I. Skinner, Marco Island

Thanks for extending mask order

Thank you to Commissioners Solis. Saunders and Taylor for showing leadership by wearing masks at the special meeting to discuss extending the mask mandate for Collier County and for voting to extend this mandate until April 13.

Shame on Commissioners McDaniel and Fiala for doing neither. Your callous disregard for the well-being of those around you will not be forgotten.

To those business owners

who are concerned that this mandate will drive people away from Collier County businesses, I disagree. In fact, it would be smart marketing to advertise Collier County as a place in Florida that puts the safety of its employees, customers and community first by enforcing the wearing of masks in their businesses.

I will patronize only those places that enforce the wearing of masks indoors by employees and customers. I know others who feel the same way.

Let’s make Collier County the destination of choice for those who are smart enough and caring enough to choose wisely where to spend their money.

Barbara Owen, East Naples

Thanks for extending mandate

Thank you to Commissioners Saunders, Solis and Taylor for their leadership in extending Collier County’s mask mandate until April 13. They relied on science and facts, as well as the advice of medical authorities and experts.

I know others join in thanking them for doing the right thing and for their service as county commissioners. It isn’t an easy job. The 3-2 commission vote reflects the opinion of the quiet majority of Collier County residents who want to get things back to normal safely and with confidence. A mask mandate is integral to the health of Collier residents and to the county’s economic well-being.

Jean Foster, East Naples

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