Letters to the Editor, Nov. 10

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

‘We are polarized, fighting a civil war’

Trump supporters are certain the U.S. vote count is crooked, resulting in a Biden win. Here in Florida, Biden supporters are accusing the Postal Service of deliberately failing to deliver ballots, resulting in a Trump win. This is depressing. We are polarized, fighting a civil war. This level of distrust and division won’t help us resolve any of the issues we face.

I wish we could transcend the anger and distrust and pose ways to talk respectfully. Can we listen to fears of creeping socialism, or creeping fascism?

I vote democratic. I am not a socialist. I do support a healthy social safety network. For example, I support a health care system available and affordable for everyone, without breaking the federal budget. I think it would require tax dollars supplement people who can’t afford insurance; regulation of insurance companies so they provide standard and necessary health care; and regulation of drug companies and health care providers so they don’t overcharge insurers.

That solution wouldn’t be socialism; it would be regulated capitalism. Health care providers and drug companies would exist in the private sector, able to make profits. We need to be able to discuss such options without labeling and demonizing each other.

Judy Freiberg, East Naples

Childish behavior ‘from top down’

When will the nonsense stop? I just watched video with opposing sides getting into each other’s faces, taunting and chanting, “You’re a racist.”

“No, you’re a racist” Back and forth, shaking hands like first-graders.

I was embarrassed watching it.

I’m a retired elementary counselor. All of them would have been marched into the principal’s office. Then, if they were lucky, they would have been sent to me for role-playing social skills rather than phone calls to parents. Unfortunately, parents would often rush to the defense of their children, so it was better if we handled it “in house.”

The consequence would be pairing opposing children. The conversation would be: Come up with a list of 10 things you have in common. This would continue for however many days it would take them.

This behavior starts from the top down. How long would your boss last if he gave daily briefings to all staff with the rhetoric, virulent name-calling, false accusations, superlatives, bullying, dismissive, moral embarrassment that he who shall not be named continues to display to the world. Enough already.

Kathleen Peterson, Naples

Thanks to postal workers

I want to publicly compliment the workers at the main branch of the U.S. Postal Service on Goodlette-Frank Road. They are always kind, courteous and helpful. They assist with packaging, finding best prices and giving information, always with a smile. Thank you, Naples postal workers!

Christine Langenmayr, East Naples

Presidential leadership

The presidential election ultimately boiled down to which candidate is best suited to lead our country. Leadership is more than cheerleading at rallies. It is seriously and effectively dealing with all crises, foreign and domestic. All else is secondary.

President Trump’s response to the coronavirus threat demonstrates he is incapable of managing a crisis. He cannot tell the truth about what we are facing. He proudly refuses to heed the advice of scientists and doctors.

He continued to hold large rallies attended primarily by crowds of maskless supporters.

Why? It strokes his ego.

Trump seems to think flattering others gets results because he is easily flattered himself. When that doesn’t work, he shifts to bullying and threats.

In Kosovo, I sat next to Joe Biden as he spoke forcefully, albeit politely, to foreign leaders. He

was able to advance American interests while calling out thuggish behavior. Can Trump do that?

Bruce A. Beardsley, Naples

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