Letters to the Editor, Nov. 13

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

‘Saviors of our precious democracy’

How ironic. The same people who were denied the right to vote for centuries — white women and black and brown U.S. citizens — are now the saviors of our precious democracy.

It is even more amazing since Trump and the Republican Party tried every dirty trick in the book to keep these same people from voting in the 2020 presidential election. They all deserve a badge of honor and our eternal gratitude. Our young citizens should also be thanked.

Nevertheless, I will never understand how so many educated Americans could be so brainwashed by one man. Trump, maybe the greatest conman in the history of the United States, was able to do it.

Hopefully, when Biden is sworn in, they will get to see how a real American president should act and perform.

E. L. “Bud” Ruff, Marco Island

Cult ‘images of the past repeat’

My parents took me to see the great leader who had come to campaign in our hometown to make Germany great again. The people cheered him on. Flags were everywhere. No one feared the loss of democracy in the process. The enemy was cloaked under the word communism.

Fascism was the opposite of communism, but both systems advocated rule over many by a handful of insiders.

Fast forward to the cult of Trump. When I see the signs, the flags, the radicals and thugs who defend the great leader under some skewed concept of patriotism and nationalism, I see images of the past repeating.

I don’t know whether it is lack of education or plain stupidity that causes these folks to side with dictators in advocating the demise of democracy in our country. About 75 million (voters) said “no” in order to save democracy.

In my native country it went the other way. Right after Hitler took power, government agents went door to door, looking for his enemies. They arrested socialists, communists, trade union leaders and others who had spoken out against the party. Democracy was dead and concentration camps were built to house socialists. The con had worked, as it almost did here.

Fred Rump, Golden Gate Estates

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