Letters to the Editor, Nov. 17

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Congratulations to our newly elected City Council 

We look forward to you addressing the challenges that lie ahead. While we agree with some of the recently proposed capital and operation improvements, it may be prudent to re-assess same.

With tax revenue down, Gov. Desantis’ recent veto of $1.1 million for water quality and vetoing of $650,000 toward the new fire house; the issues associated with the financing of a bond and, of course COVID, it may be advisable for the city to re-prioritize its spending; similar to residents /taxpayers reworking theirs!

May I suggest that improving the water quality is a much higher priority to that of building a new fire house. It must be dealt with now, and not fiscal 2021-2022!

Candidates who run for election to our City Council always list water quality issues as their primary concern, once elected it gets put on the back burner. I am not suggesting Fire House 50 should not be built but, just asking City Council to focus on projects that will best benefit Marco Island residents now.

When revisiting the Fire House 50 plan please, reflect back to when approval was made by City Council for an expenditure of:

  • March 2019: $3m
  • December 2019: $7m
  • January 2020: $8m
  • February 2020: $10.4m (to include an emergency operations center, cancer prevention technology, training tower, hurricane shelter) 
  • June 2020: $11-13m

Suggestion: Put on the back burner the exponential increases for the “Dreams” of Fire House 50.  


Virginia Bingle, Marco Island

Cult ‘images of the past repeat’

My parents took me to see the great leader who had come to campaign in our hometown to make Germany great again. The people cheered him on. Flags were everywhere. No one feared the loss of democracy in the process. The enemy was cloaked under the word communism.

Fascism was the opposite of communism, but both systems advocated rule over many by a handful of insiders.

Fast forward to the cult of Trump. When I see the signs, the flags, the radicals and thugs who defend the great leader under some skewed concept of patriotism and nationalism, I see images of the past repeating.

I don’t know whether it is lack of education or plain stupidity that causes these folks to side with dictators in advocating the demise of democracy in our country. About 75 million (voters) said “no” in order to save democracy.

In my native country it went the other way. Right after Hitler took power, government agents went door to door, looking for his enemies. They arrested socialists, communists, trade union leaders and others who had spoken out against the party. Democracy was dead and concentration camps were built to house socialists. The con had worked, as it almost did here.

Fred Rump, Golden Gate Estates

GOP stands for Trump, but what else?

What does the Republican Party stand for? They had no real platform before the 2020 election other than blind loyalty to the eventual loser. The vast majority of Republican politicians refuse to acknowledge, let alone congratulate, the duly elected president, Joe Biden.

Why? They are cowards who fear losing their next election if they cross Trump and his followers. So, my answer is the Republican Party is run by cowards and stand for nothing!

Bill McMaster, East Naples

Let election challenges 'play out'

Our nation is moving into uncharted territory as multiple legal challenges have been and are being filed in response to the election. Biden has declared himself the winner even though no state has yet certified its election, and several states are unresolved.

The integrity of the election process must be preserved. The investigations must be allowed to play out so in the end we can know it was a fair and honest election, regardless of who ultimately is proved the winner.

Joseph T 'Chip' Buxton III, East Naples

'Sowing a mistrust' in our democracy

Fraudulent cries of fraud are not harmless.

The soil of American democracy is being poisoned by evidence-free claims of fraud in our recent election.

The fraud allegations are being dismissed one after the other by courts.

Privately, many Republicans acknowledge they’re pointless. But by continuing to cry fraud in public, they are sowing a mistrust of our bedrock democratic institutions and leaving a toxic legacy that may linger for a generation or more.

Suzanne Cherney, East Naples

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