Letters to the Editor, Dec. 18

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Recovery is possible

It might be of interest to some otherwise sane Republicans to learn how they might recover from the long con of the Trump administration. Here is an example of someone who recovered from one such con.

Charles Lindbergh was one of America's greatest heroes. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his record flight across the Atlantic in 1927. As the 1930s wore on he became an isolationist, moved to Europe and publicly opposed involvement in WWII and aid to the UK. He did not publicly support Nazi Germany but he did not oppose it either. He resigned his military commission. After the Pearl Harbor attack, he changed his view. His appeal to regain his commission was denied by FDR but by the middle of the war he was in the Pacific flying combat missions as a "civilian" advisor to the Air Corps. He flew 50 combat missions and demonstrated vastly improved methods of extending the range and payloads of several military aircraft. He participated in active combat.

People make mistakes but it is possible to recover from them with honor.

Lee Oldershaw, Marco Island

Gov. DeSantis, Floridians and masks

I just returned from Philadelphia and I now know what it is to live in a backward state like Florida.

The governor of Pennsylvania has basically shut down the state for the second time. Meanwhile, Gov. Ron DeSantis raided the home of COVID-19 data scientist Rebekah Jones, after firing her, because she stated DeSantis was fudging the COVID numbers.

The startling difference I see coming back to Florida is how many people who are elderly and susceptible to the virus look for excuses not to wear a mask. I know as you get older, you become more stubborn and opinionated about everything, but if you don’t care about your own life, care about your fellow man. Being old does not give you the right to jeopardize the health of your neighbor. It takes leadership to guide people to do the right thing, something we lack in Florida.

With over 296,000 deaths and nearly 3,000 deaths daily (from COVID-19 nationally), it’s about time we do the basic things: Social distance, stay home and wear a mask everywhere. A sense of entitlement won’t get us past this horrific pandemic.

We just got rid of one non-believer who singlehandedly set us on a course of disaster. Now it’s time to throw out the other fool.

Richard Procopio, Naples

‘Doctors, nurses and teachers’ first

I have cared for several family members who were experiencing the difficulties of aging, and I know that most of the elderly are on multiple and varied medications that might cause increased problems for them when this new vaccine is introduced to their regimens. We are in a crisis situation, and the vaccine should be used where it will offer the greatest good to the greatest number of people, the doctors, nurses and teachers.

Justine McClurg, Naples

Travel agencies need Congress’ help

Every business in the country has been affected by COVID-19, but few sectors have been hit as hard or face a longer road to recovery, than the travel agency industry.

According to the American Society of Travel Advisors, with business at a standstill, 64 percent of travel agencies in the U.S. have laid off at least half of their staff, despite the federal relief programs provided by the CARES Act in March. Over 70 percent will go out of business within the next six months without additional federal relief.

The travel agency sector is looking at possible extinction. This would deprive the public of the critical services that travel advisers provide and cripple the main distribution channel for travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, cruise lines, etc.).

Despite the devastation in our industry and many others, negotiations in Congress over the next relief bill are deadlocked. It’s possible that Congress won’t pass another relief bill until next year.

My message to our elected officials, on behalf of the 140,000 people who work at travel agencies across the country: Get back to work and support the small businesses that desperately need your help.

Wendy Taylor, Naples