Letters to the Editor, Dec. 25

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Dear Governor DeSantis (an open letter)

As a huge supporter of you, as a former elected city councilman and as a past member of the Collier County Republican Executive Committee, I have great concern for how the state is going to handle the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. In my opinion, if the distribution is not handled correctly it will lead to public anxiety, possibly mass panic and, eventually, revenge against you at  the next election.

Bureaucrats love complicated processes. The vaccine distribution process, however, should be very simple and totally transparent. If it is not, then anxiety and conspiracy theories will take over. People will begin to believe that the lack of a simple process and timely communication means that vaccines will be distributed to those that have “connections” or those that donate money to campaigns, doctors and hospitals.

I suggest a process similar to what Tesla uses; that is, you register for buying a car and Tesla notifies you when it will be available (sometimes for months) and constantly updates the buyer on the expected appointment for picking up the car. Here is what I would suggest be done to reduce anxiety and give people a sense of confidence and fairness in the process.

Have people “register” for the vaccine online, if they desire to have the vaccine. Have them indicate their age and whether they have any underlying conditions that warrant a higher priority (they can also submit a doctor’s note for proof) The State then sorts the requests out and notifies the applicant that 1) their request is confirmed and 2)  they will be updated on the status and notified by text or e-mail of when an appointment and location is finalized.

This simple process will help provide people with a sense of fairness and a sense that they are on the waiting line and greatly lessen anxiety. Hope this simple process makes sense and can be implemented immediately. Wishing you and your family (Casey, Madison and Mason) the very best Christmas.

John Arceri, Naples

'We need a sea change' among 74 million

Many decry the shameless, cowardly behavior of congressional Republicans who will not stand up to Trump. All true but let us not forget they are responding to the 74 million constituents who voted for and blindly support Trump.

We need a sea change

in our fellow Americans to recognize that Trump not only has lied to us daily, did little to save COVID-19 victims, cares nothing about our environment or science, supports the wealthy at the expense of the poor, is misogynistic, was diagnosed with mental disabilities by prominent psychologists, and was deemed incompetent by scores of well-known Republicans and retired generals.

Now he has shown himself to be a juvenile sore loser so vindictive he is willing to weaken, if not destroy, our democratic society. What more information do Trump supporters need to see that he is a danger to our way of life. Turning their backs on him would allow Republicans to join them in disassociating with him and begin to formulate a new Republican Party willing to work in a bipartisan way for all Americans.

Gerald Soslau, East Naples

Aid and masks in Christmas spirit

Since the first knowledge of COVID-19 in January, the response in this country

has been the worst in the world among industrial countries. We are now at a national daily death toll equal to 9/11 in New York City.

The response from the Oval Office has been nil for months. President Trump has checked out on his responsibilities, more concerned about holiday parties, pardons and a continual effort not to accept election results, even those certified by Republican states.

In Florida and Naples, denial of mask mandates like those used from grocery stores to hospitals to save lives is inexcusable, especially when we see light (vaccines) at the end of the tunnel.

Words are spoken about saving the economy, but denying simple masks promotes COVID, and the U.S. Senate is blocking financial assistance. Business support is being blocked by the Senate with denial of the Heroes Act passed by the House in May. Many modes of assistance will conclude at the end of the month, creating personal hardships and more unemployment. Unnecessary deaths will never contribute to the economy. If Christmas is a time of love, then why not show you love others and yourself by wearing a mask in public. This too shall pass, but there is no reason to defy science and safety, like state and local elected officials in denial. Have a safe holiday season and mask up!

Glenn Mueller, East Naples