Letters to the Editor, Feb. 19

Marco Eagle
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HDPs are not PUDs

Half development plan’s (HDP) are not planned unit developments. And, what we have proposed is an HDP. I am in favor of the proposed assisted living facility, if Marco Island residents are given priority for any openings, since that would merely mean transferring density from one part of the island to another. And, our residents deserve to have loved ones receive care close to their own homes.

But there is no commitment for the other part of the land. NCH will receive five million if this PUD is approved. We need to have that put toward a micro hospital open 24/7. East Collier County is growing rapidly, traffic and travel time is increasing, and hospital beds need to be increasing.

A micro hospital would allow out-patient as well as some overnight observation surgeries to be done right here on Marco – in addition to emergency medical needs. It would also lessen the demand on Collier County ambulances and let patients be treated by NCH rather than be Physicians Regional Hospital. Competition is one of the reasons Emerus (emerus.com), the nation's first and largest operator of micro-hospitals, worked with Allegheny Health Network to build 4 micro-hospitals in the Pittsburgh suburban areas.

Our population, along with that of surrounding communities, is probably between 30,000 and 60,000 depending on season. Plus, there will be 86 residents in assistant living residents next door. The city should be telling NCH we want a mirco-hospital on the property to approve the PUD. They can even recommend NCH contact Emerus for assistance and/or contact Emerus directly. But they should not approve this PUD until we have a commitment for all the proposed PUD property. (A conditional approval for the ALF could be considered).

William Flasche, Marco Island

Vaccine distribution madness’

How can we reach Gov. DeSantis to stop this vaccine distribution madness?

Why do we have to fight each other for appointments to be vaccinated at Publix? At a food store rather than our local hospitals that are prepared to safely administer vaccines. Many hospitals have been begging the governor to allow them to distribute vaccines, but he does not respond. Why?

Like so many of us, I’ve been trying for weeks, sometimes staring at the computer for over an hour, waiting but no luck. Plus, we elders are not always computer-savvy! One of my friends got an appointment, but it was nine hours north — she is 75 years old. Another friend got one seven hours north! She’s 80.

What is the reason our governor is mismanaging vaccine distribution? Why is he using private corporations (so much)? Why doesn’t he assist counties and hospitals in developing a streamlined adequate website and fully staff phone banks for us to get appointments? Where are our senators and representatives? No one seems to care. Why can’t we get answers and help?

Andrea Cooper, East Naples

Seeking vaccination, redirected to S.C.

The Publix website for booking COVID-19 vaccine appointments is a joke. Today, for the third time, I was unsuccessful in getting an appointment. The first two times, I sat waiting and never got a chance to even enter my data. I could only watch as the percentage of remaining appointments dropped lower and lower until it reached zero.

(On Monday), I entered the website and when I selected Florida as the state to receive my vaccine, it took me to South Carolina. After toggling back and forth several times, I was finally directed to Florida when I selected Florida. After waiting

for more than 30 minutes, I was directed to the reservation system.

I filled out the myriad questions and got to the last page, only to be redirected back to the beginning of the reservation process. No idea why this happened. I had to complete the pages and pages of questions all over again. By the time I did, the appointments were gone.

My friends in other states are getting vaccinated. Some have already had both shots. Gov. Desantis, is this the best that Florida can do?

Scott A. Nyquist, East Naples

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