Letters to the Editor, July 23

Marco Eagle
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COVID-19 battle must be waged globally

In Collier County, I’m so thankful that 62.4 percent of us have been vaccinated against COVID-19 (covidactnow.org). For me, being vaccinated meant I was able to safely hang out with friends and hug my grandparents again.

However, others aren’t as lucky. One of my close friends, who’s from Kenya, hasn’t been able to leave her house as less than 2 percent of her country has been vaccinated and the virus is still rampant. Even a continent away, this could be a threat to us as every new case of COVID-19 gives the virus the opportunity to mutate into something more transmissible, more deadly, and less protected by the vaccines that have given us freedom. Already,

the Delta variant has proven to be a formidable enemy in our state.

This moral and national security concern requires action now.

Modeled after the cost-effective and successful PEPFAR bill (signed into law by George Bush to combat AIDS), the NOVID bill seeks to scale up production and ensure accessibility of vaccines to end the vaccine apartheid and prevent mutations. By investing in global health security, the United States can emerge as a leader in ending this pandemic and preventing future ones. It is crucial that Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott co-sponsor S.1976 and Rep. Byron Donalds co-sponsors H.R.3778 so everyone can hug their grandparents again.

Rosie Poling, Marco Island

Political parties differ on causes of crime

According to a recent Yahoo News survey of 1,592 U.S. adults, “both Republicans and Democrats grow more concerned about crime.” Although each party acknowledges the increase in crime, each party interprets the causes for the increase in crime differently.

“Rising gun sales” and “systemic racism” appear to be the top reasons cited by the Democrats, while “the racial justice movement” itself was cited by Republicans as being a key cause for the uptick in crime. As each party sees the reasons for increased crime differently they also view the responses to crime differently. Democrats report law enforcement as being “too tough on most offenders” as Republicans report “police are not tough enough.”

Regardless of party, this survey reports most participants are “worried about the breakdown of law and order in American cities.”

I recognize more variables exist as we search for causes for our increase in crime and for sensible solutions. We cannot continue to bombard Americans 24/7 with vitriolic political discourse and not instill fear and promote anger. We cannot continue to be confused and divisive in our responses to COVID-19 and not create anger. Additionally, we cannot strategically market

and advertise more alcoholic products, more vaping products and more psychoactive drugs and not create more anger.

As we continue to create more anger, we will continue to experience more crime, as a result of less unity, more feelings of separatism and less respect for one another.

Lance C. McCormack, Marco Island

Party loyalty over all else un-American

My former party (GOP), is simply a shell of it’s once noble self. I left this party, due to the fact they demanded I and others sign a loyalty oath to the party itself. Not to our nation. Not to our state. Not even to the constituents; but the party itself. Party over all else is not an American value! In fact there are many examples of party loyalty throughout this world’s history. I respectfully ask all to join a no party affiliation movement.

Robert Jenkins, Naples

Let cruise lines set their standards

Florida’s dictates to the cruise industry go directly against Republicans’ claims of being business-friendly. Give the cruise lines the freedom to set their own standards, and then let consumers choose which cruise line they prefer.

Paula Davidson, Naples

COVID outlook bleak in Florida

The stock market plummets due to the effects on the economy. It seems to coincide with those who choose not to inoculate themselves against this deadly disease as they continue to believe in false conspiracies rather than in science or their doctor. It has been reported nearly 100 percent of new deaths due to the Delta variant could have been avoided had the person been vaccinated.

We now rank among the highest in the nation for COVID infections. Between various chicanery from news stations and Gov. DeSantis selling “Don’t Fauci my Florida” T-shirts, I can only assume we will be in this fiasco for quite some time.

Emily Walz, Naples

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