Letters to the Editor, Aug. 31

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Clean up Marco Island reuse water

A hypoxia investigation was presented at the Marco Island Waterways Advisory Committee (WAC) meeting on Aug. 19. This report shows that the Marco Island waterways are impaired for dissolved oxygen (DO) and trending to hypoxia.

All water quality sampling locations in Basins 1, 2 and 4 are impaired for DO as they are below the healthy DO limit of 5.0 mg/L. Basin 5 is the only healthy basin on the island; Basin 5 gets NO reuse water from the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Swallow Water Quality sampling location has been hypoxic for two months now. This location is near Cape Marco Point and is surrounded on three sides by condominiums that use reuse water for landscape irrigation.

The hypoxia investigation indicates that nutrients in the reuse water on Marco are the root cause of oxygen depletion in these waterways. Let’s be clear: Reuse water is treated sewage. “Reuse” is the politically correct term. Sounds like a good thing.

What the state forgot when they promoted this program is the massive amounts of nutrients that come with this “water” that we joyfully use to fertilize the lush green grass in our public spaces.

Reuse water represents a significant revenue stream to the city. It is also a cheap source of water for landscape irrigation. City of Marco Island documents show that users of reuse water include the three golf courses: Island Country Club, Hideaway Beach and Naples Golf – Marriott Resort as well as the condos and hotels along Collier Boulevard.

Let’s clean up the reuse water.

Eugene Wordehoff, Marco Island

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Marco indifference?

As I am fearful that free speech will again be suppressed as at the Jan. 21, 2020 council meeting,  I submit this letter.

At the end of June 2021 our city's insurance company had been billed $44,482.17 for this ongoing litigation. If council hires a new attorney before this matter is resolved, more money and time will be expended transitioning.

Regardless of the decision, it is evident that Alan Gabriel should be removed. The documents Petersen references in her Op/Ed (Marco Eagle, Aug. 27) have previously been provided to council. Understandably many are accustomed to council disregarding legitimate concerns, but the position of the SAO relying only on the response of the city attorney, who is a subject of my complaint is more disturbing. We must ask who citizens can trust to protect their rights. You are obliged to raise your voices for the truth and stand with the powerless not the powerful.

Clearly the attempt to obstruct my efforts to receive public records connected to the First Amendment lawsuit involving Councilor Brechnitz is serious unto itself; however, what I perceive to be an absence of care in our community that is demonstrative is more worrisome. I raise this dismay not out of malice or to solicit sympathy, but I am fearful that indifference is becoming pervasive in our community.  Indifference implies that no change is possible and encourages cynicism. Indifference emboldens government officials to advance personal agendas and ignore deficiencies in people or programs. Our servant leaders must act justly and walk humbly. 

If we allow the initials of Marco Island to become synonymous with Marco Indifference we are truly heralding a paradise lost; however, I will rely of the words of an Italian Proverb, “Hope is the last thing ever lost.”

Regina L. Dayton, Marco Island

Come together in time of national crisis

Past President Donald Trump cast the final die with the Taliban in 2020. President Biden’s execution of the withdrawal has been far from perfect. But why, at this time of national crisis, are various members of both parties attacking in pursuit of political gains rather than coming together to project a resolute American face to the world?

William Martin, Naples

Governor endangering lives

Let’s make this simple and tell it like it is: Governor Death Sentence is on a self-appointed collision course that literally endangers the life of every person of every age in the state of Florida. And it's all in the service of his political agenda. I wonder how he will feel if there are no voters left to re-elect him?

Ricki Baker, Naples

Fauci endorses monoclonal antibody therapy

COVID-19 sufferers can reduce their risk of hospitalization or death by up to 85 percent if they receive monoclonal antibody treatments in the early stages of their illness, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday.

The White House chief medical adviser said that giving the lab-made antibodies to fight the virus before a patient is hospitalized can prevent the chances of severe illness by between 70 and 85 percent.

“It is important to emphasize that this must be done early in infection and not wait, of course, until a person is sick enough to be hospitalized,” Fauci said at a COVID-19 press briefing.

Celia Hutnik, Naples

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