Letters to the Editor, Sept. 10

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Biden team diverts attention from failures

The Biden press team is working overtime to push the president out on tour of the hurricane-damaged communities. Sadly those communities could use real help, not the hindrance of the Secret Service and press corps following the president for political gain, which is delaying their actual recovery.

It’s the same old diversion tactic, look at the shiny news story (hurricane and flood devastation) rather than the stranded Americans left behind in Afghanistan currently being held or hunted by the Taliban. Oh yeah, whatever happened to the growing number of illegal aliens being detained along the U.S. southern border?

David Winner, Naples

DeSantis dangerous to Floridians’ health

Our governor in his pandering to the Republican base has endangered the health of adults and children of Florida.

His mask mandate prohibition is dangerous for schoolchildren unable at this time to be vaccinated. His promotion of Regeneron antibody treatment says to people, don’t worry if you don’t get vaccinated this treatment will save you. In some cases it will but in many it won’t. One of medicine's prime goals is prevention before treatment. The Regeneron treatment is very expensive and I believe paid for by the taxpayers, it is not free.

The vaccine is a cheap protection. The governor has changed the reporting of COVID deaths to give a false low number. This is a tactic to deceive the public.

Time to get rid of Gov. DeSantis.

Benjamin Glick, M.D., Naples

GOP becomes threat to women, families

Years ago, I was a split-ticket voter.

After receiving a questionnaire from the Republican Party asking about the party’s priorities, I commented that if the Republican Party continued to infringe on women’s freedoms and deny family support programs, I would no longer vote for Republicans.

The party continues to pass laws limiting women’s reproductive freedoms, access to family planning and reproductive education. They do nothing to protect women against abuse and harassment and even elevate abusers to leadership positions. While the Republican Party claims to have family values, they continue to vote against such critical family support programs as Medicaid, free school lunches and early childhood education programs. Republican-controlled Florida is one of few states that haven’t expanded Medicaid, which covers low-income children and pregnant women.

Being anti-abortion does not equate with having family values. That’s why I vote for Democratic candidates who not only care about the health care of the unborn, but also about children who are already here. They care, too, for parents, including many single mothers, who need health care and child care support.

I now vote Democratic to prevent Republicans from threatening the freedom of my daughters and granddaughters to lead fulfilling, productive lives.

Kay Blue, Punta Gorda

Sanibel was Willard Scott’s ‘favorite place’

Willard Scott touched countless people in Southwest Florida, as he called Sanibel “my favorite place, other than my own backyard.”

Every published obituary refers to him as a “beloved weatherman,” a term we may never see in print again.

Willard loved broadcasting. He loved people. He loved life.

He was an erudite man who could converse on any subject. Also, Willard could talk nuts and bolts weather better than anyone.

Willard defined the term “infectious enthusiasm” as every live, on-location broadcast he did became an EVENT.

I was fortunate to do a few broadcasts with Willard on NBC-2 locally, and also on “The Today Show.” I had my tuba, and we talked on air about The Dukes of Dixieland, the history of New Orleans, the return of baseball after the strike of ’95. I finally interrupted him and said, “The producer is telling me we need to do a little bit of weather.” Greatest response of all time. “Jimmy, I make a lot of money for doing a little bit of weather!”

We don’t remember the weather forecast, but we remember you, Willard. Thank you for touching so many of us in Southwest Florida.

Jim Syoen, New Orleans

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